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Published: 04 October 2018

Posted by: Alex9

Florida Profit Corporation CARDIO CLUB, INC. Filing Information Document Number P99000105242 FEI/EIN Number [protected] Date Filed 12/06/1999 State FL Status ACTIVE Last Event CANCEL ADM DISS/REV Event Date Filed 11/04/2008 Event Effective Date NONE Principal Address 6449 RALEIGH STREET ORLANDO FL 32835 This company is charging membership fees even though they’ve filed bankruptcy and CLOSED its facility at the address above, on Nov 2009. As of today (04/06/10) they are EVEN responding to the disputes you open at your bank (by faxing to the bank a copy of the contract of your membership, that way they can keep charging you money) you to cancel the charges in your credit/debit card. It’s been 5 months since the gym closed its doors (there is also a notice on the front door of Cardio Club, from the city of Orlando, stating that they owe to the city over $20, 000.00 in taxes). And Bank of America now, in order to refund 5 months of charges in my credit card, want to see a proof that the gym really closed. Because Cardio Club had sent a fax to Bank of America with copy of membership contract stating that I still have to pay the membership fees every month. Here’s more info about the company, taken from Registered Agent Name & Address PALAZZO, , MICHAEL V 6449 RALEIGH STREET ORLANDO FL 32835 US Name Changed: 01/26/2005 Address Changed: 05/05/2001 Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title PRES PALAZZO, MIKE 6449 RALEIGH STREET ORLANDO FL 32835 Annual Reports Report Year Filed Date 2007 08/02/2007 2008 11/04/2008 2009 04/17/2009

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