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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In 2006, I bought a set of Gull-Wing hinges for my fiance’s 99 GMC Yukon. Paid an extra $300 to make them automatic as well. Therefore spending nearly $1300. When they finally came, I actually recieved the Lambo door hinges without the automatic accessories. Not to mention that the set I did get was far cheaper than what I ordered! I called them numorous times leaving voice messages. No replies!! I e-mailed them over & over with again, no reply. I gave them a break for a few weeks and blocked my number-calling them again. When I finally reached someone, they would asked my name and hang up as soon as I said it!!! I then tried to mail it to them. But had to go back to the mailing station because Mr. Melendez would NOT except it! I finally had enough and called the BBB. I reported to them the problems I was having and they said they would try to contact them as well. But to NO avail, Mr. Melendez or staff would not respond to them either. I felt like I was just “taken” of course but didn’t know what to do. I looked on the box for a mailing address. It actually had a physical address instead of the PO Box. I live in Ohio too, so I drove 70~80 miles in a sincere effort to resolve this issue! Instead of finding myself at a business, I found their business address led my to a lavish private home in an up-scale neighborhood. Car in the driveway but no answer at the door. I spoke with their neighbor who said he believed they were on vacation. VACATION!! On all of our stolen money, No doubt! Nevertheless, I left an extensive note with many options to reach me but I recieved No response whatsoever! After having these sitting in a box for almost a year, we decided to put them on our ’98 Honda Accord. The shop putting them on has had problems left and right. Little things breaking and waiting more time for them to be order so he could finish up the job. The shop found out Mr. Melendez got ahold of hinges that were discontinued and had minor defects. All in all, I do have them on my car as of last week. They shop has had to order more parts though because the door are still wobbly when they’re open. I would like to have to difference in cost for the hinges as well as the extra $300 I paid to make them automatic. I will not quit until this is made right!! I also wanted my story to be out there so that no one else is “taken” like I was. BEWARE of the company. Sheisty is the word I would use when decribing them and how they do business! Stay Away!!! Irrate Consumer~Susan Zanesville, OhioU.S.A.

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