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Published: 14 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I had an account with and, for my own reasons, removed my account at the begninning of the year. In April I returned the to the site and created a new account. In June I went to the extent of paying for a 3 month membership and an extensive background check so that I would have an increased chance of finding employment with a family. Shortly after I made these purchases removed my account. Now, this site runs on the principle that they do NOT owe one an explanation for removal of their account nor do they even have to have a reason to remove an account. However, when I questioned them they stated that they found that they didn’t have to tell me why they deleted me but that they did so because THEY had previously removed my account. never removed my original account, I did. As a result, I have been banned from their site due to a case of what appears to be extreme oversensitivity. I could care less that the company gave me a refund. I care that I am banned from the site and my reputation potentially tarnished because while they do not have to tell me why I was deleted from the site, let alone that I was deleted at all, they do reserve the right to tell all families I had been in contact with that I have been removed. This will cause families to question how trustworthy of a person I am which, in turn, creates a ripple effect in which the end result is bad word of mouth is spread about me and I am unable to find a job. Avoid at all costs. They are a terrible company who does not want to deal with customers. This cannot be denied when it takes 20+ minutes of searching and reading to find their phone number as they REFUSE to list it on their “contact us” page and then if you are lucky enough to hear back from them the email is signed “The Team.” Really? A human being didn’t write that letter? What kind of company hides behind the internet and anonymity? There is nothing trustworthy about this site. To prove this point – they routinely delete ALL negative comments from their Facebook page lest somebody actually see them and realize that this company is VERY shady.

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