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Published: 17 July 2019

Posted by: mary7natha$

(Sorry. I accidentally sent my complaint in without completing the details, so I”m going to try it again.) I was pressed into using Care Credit when I needed a root canal, and didn”t have the cash to pay the entire amount up front. My neighbor warned me not to do it, but I seriously needed the procedure. Initially, I was having no problem paying on the bill. But I”ve had to deal with a lot of financial difficulties lately –I”m on two fixed incomes, and my money goes out to pay bills as soon as the check is in the bank) –that have left me about $500 short each month of what I actually need to pay all my accounts up to speed. Three of my accounts are GE Capital Retail Bank holdings. All of them are currently behind, and all, consequently, are problematic for the same reason. Care Credit is the most harassing of the three. I have tried to make my case with the customer service people who answer the phone, but they all seem to have heavy accents which I have a difficult time understanding. Some of the calls about the CC account end in a hang-up; I pick it up, say “hello, ” there”s the sound of someone”s voice (about one syllable worth), then a few seconds of silence, and a complete hang-up with the loud noise followed by the automated voice that says, “Please hang up and dial again.” So I know that I”m not being transferred to an agent. I”ve gotten up to three calls a day about this account. I would calI and report this as harassment, which I obviously haven”t as yet. But since I don”t recognize the phone number, I”ve neglected to make on-time payments or explain my current difficultiIes to the GE Capital representatives. The calls on the other two accounts have been mounting lately, as have the late fees, which, with my limited income, are making it impossible to pay off any of these accounts. You, as a company, are single-handedly ruining my credit, and the decent score I”ve been working to improve over the last year to 18 months. My neighbor was correct; I should have had nothing to do with you people. (The other two accounts are an Amazon Storecard, for making cheaper necessary purchases, and a Lowes card for winterizing my 31-year-old mobile home which doesn”t hold its heat anymore. As you know, West Virginia has been in the thick of the worst winter we”ve had since I moved here 25+ years ago. My late husband and I lived handily on his fixed income until his passing on New Year”s Day 2006. He was a wonderful, multi-skilled handyman, and I leaned on his talents heavily since that”s not my gift set. But since he died, most of what I”ve had to deal with is something that he could have fixed for next to nothing. I spent last winter in Florida taking care of my 85-year-old mother who lost my dad to pancreatic cancer in May 2012, and was diagnosed a few months later with breast cancer. I came back to WV in May last year to a “dead” refrigerator, and over the following months, have had to borrow money to pay for a new well pump, among numerous other things, including my winter firewood ($450 for three cords; I have to wonder if the wood is going to outlast the long, cold winter). If you wouldn”t keep adding late fees and high interest, I would have paid all three of these accounts off by now. So the sooner I can pay my balances down to zero, the better for all of us. I need to have six months interest-free, late fee -free so that I can render my best efforts to pay in full; if your company will permit me the latitude to do so in the face of all of my recent financial woes. It”s up to you, because making it difficult for me is only putting off my paid-in-full status indefinitely. Kindly respond. I do not wish to receive any more harassing phone calls — read my lips: NONE. Emails work much better than trying to wade through someone with a thick accent. I”ll be waiting to hear from you as soon as possible. Very truly yours, Pat Mudgett

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