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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On 4-02-15,I was promised that I would receive a oustanding resume and cover letter for my job search activities. Jody N. Gothard,president of company,CareerPro,stated that he is an award winning writer and his resume and cover letter would open doors for me to interview for jobs. I provided him with a copy of my resume and a labor union work experience letter. I explained about my age(75)and that I needed a cover letter to focus on my transferable skills and generic enough to open opportunities in other occupations other than counseling. Mr. Gothard assured me that due to his writing ability he could almost guarantee me a job. He handed me his contract. I told him that I know he could not guarantee me a job. I just need to get the interview and I have always been hired when I was given an interview. I gave Mr. Gothard a check for $200.00 which he stated he needed in order to get started on my resume and cover letter. He would have me a draft of my resume and cover letter in a day or two, for my review and after I paid the final $200.00 my resume would be ready. ON 4-09-15,I called to ask about the drafts on my cover letter and resume. Mr. Gothard informed me that could not send the drafts until I made the final $200.00 payment. I told him that I would mail the payment that day. I received a call from Chris who introduced herself as an employee of CareerPro and wanted to discuss changes I wanted on my resume. We talked,she took notes and emailed me a draft the next day(appox. 4-13-15). It dawned on me that Mr. Gothard had not been honest with me,he had not started on my resume,in fact,he had outsourced my resume to Chris. I called him several times because Chris said he was drafting my cover letter. He was always too busy to discuss my cover letter and finally sent me a poorly written,half-page cover letter. I emailed him and told him that his cover letter was awful and unacceptable. On 4-24-15,he said that he had been tied-up with other clients but would give my cover letter another “shot” and email it to me on 4-27-15. I called him on 4-27-15,when I didn’t receive the revised cover letter. He stated that he had given me a cover letter and a “d**n good resume”. I told him that Chris and I worked on the resume which really had the same contents that I had given him,with a few updated terms,added by Chris. We got into a heated exchange because it became obvious to me that he is a con artist. It took him three weeks to get me a half-page,poorly written cover letter,and that cost me $400.00 dollars. I have not been able to find any information on his comany. I have made a report to the BBB. Consumers should steer clear of this Jody N.Gothard. Thank you. .

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