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Published: 03 March 2019

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First off let me say that any company who says they are reputable and does not have a clear area on their website to “contact them” are hiding from the public for a reason… and that reason is because they are getting inundated with complaint calls because of their shady work practices. I recently purchased a “special” for 3 months of unlimited car searches for around $50 because I am looking for another car. After my 5th VIN search it said something to the line of “you have met your 5 VIN searches and can look cars up by license plate only”…. License plate only?!? First of all most people will not post their license plate when selling a car bc it can be easy for car thieves to find out where the car is located and possibly steal it… license plates are public information. There is a very good chance that if they didn’t post the plate that they won’t give you that info if you asked for it either, I know I wouldn’t. Second, when is the last time you saw an entire dealership lot full of cars to be sold with license plates on them?? Can’t think of any? Neither can I… it’s because they dont.. So how the heck am I supposed to look up car history if I can’t get a private sellers plate and dealer cars dont have plates?? This is a blatent rippoff from CarFax and I encourage you all to stay away, there are other services out there that can give you the same results. CarFax is only interested in their bottom line and how much they can rip you off for. .

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