Caribbean Cruise Lines Bahamas Celebration

Caribbean Cruise Lines Bahamas Celebration Review

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Published: 24 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I booked this trip in January 2013 from the Caribbean Cruise Line. The trip consisted of a 2 night cruise to and from the Bahamas on the Bahamas Celebration, a 3 day and 2 night stay at the Grand Lucayan Lighthouse Point, Grand Bahamas Island, Bahamas. It also included 3 days and 2 nightd in Orlando, Florida and 3 days 2 nights stay in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida along with a weeks car rental I had 18 months to plan this trip. The original cost of the trip was $1003.00. In April of 2014 we had to pay and additional $25 to extend this trip because we could not make arrangements to take the trip by July 2014. When I paid for the extension I also did an upgrade on the trip which cost an additional $693.99. The reason we could make arrangements by July 2014 is because I have a sister with severe CP and a mother with dementia that live with me and I take care of. I could not find the care each one of them needed in time to take this trip. Finally I made all the arrangements for my sister and my mother and we booked our trip from December 18, 2014 thru Dedember 31, 2014. Again at that time they said we could do another upgrade so I did and that cost us an additional $299.00. I then booked our airline tickets and an excursion. The airline tickets was $600.40 and the excursion was $150.00. We had everything in place and was excited to go. On November 27, 2014 we were contacted by a rep from the company telling us our cruise to the Bahamas and back was cancelled because their boat was in for repairs and would not be ready in time. This was 22 days before we were to leave. We were given two ooptions: 1st rebook over the next 18 months or come down and they may be able to place us on another ship going to the Bahamas but could not promise they could. We discussed the options and decided that it had already taken us approx 2 years to plan this vacation and we wasnt taking another two years to do the same and we wasnt taking any chances on being able or not able to go to the Bahamas. By this time with the airfair the excursion ans the trip with all the upgrades this vacation cost us $2,746.39. We called the cruise line back and told them we just wanted to cancel. I then cancelled the care for my sister and my mother. I was told I could write a letter to their Compliance Department and they would decide if we could get a refund or not. I wrote them on December 1,2014 explaining our cituation. I did not hear anything from the Compliance Department so I called several times speaking to a different rep each time I called and nothing was done. I wrote another letter to the Compliance Department on December 16, 2014. Again I heard nothing a called several times again speaking again to several different reps getting no satisfaction at all, so for the 3rd time on December 22, 2014 I wrote the Compliance Department again asking them to send me a letter stating that the cruise part of this trip was cancelled. I need that letter because I also had purchased travel insurance and to me this was a cancellation on their part not mine but I still have heard nothing from the Compliance Department. I need help in locating the actual corporate office of this company so I can call them directly and not have to speake to several more reps that are really no help at all. Does anyone know a number or address of this company?

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