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Published: 23 December 2018

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In July 2014 we purchased a 1994 (preowned) Holiday Rambler travel trailer for $8,200 from Carl Hudson, NE 48h Street, Vancouver WA. Mr. Hudson indicated that he had performed substantial repairs of the trailer and had used it several times for his personal use. He also indicated to us that he performs RV repairs for other individuals. We did a personal inspection of the trailer prior to purchase, and began using it upon purchase. 1. We began noticing a severe damp, musty smell in the forward section of the trailer which was causing us significant respiratory problems. Upon tearing our the hardwood flooring that Mr. Hudson had indicated that he had replaced upon renovation of the trailer, we discovered large quantities of black mold between the flooring and underlayment. We removed and replaced the entire forward section of flooring to eradicate this problem. 2. For the first two months of ownership, the trailer was parked in a local Vancouver area RV Park and not moved a significant distance. At the end of the summer, we returned to the SW where we spend the remainder of the year. Approximately one hour into the trip out of Vancouver, we noticed that the large side awning was ballooning; we immediately pulled over and observed that the awning was worn and coming loose. Mr. Hudson had informed us that this was a new condition awning. While in the RV Park we had not fully extended the RV due to space limitations. Fortunately we noticed the awning coming loose while driving or there could have been considerable other damage and an accident. 3. After residing in the RV for a week we began to notice what we interpreted was foul odor from the black tank. We consulted with several RV suppliers and used chemical to attempt to eliminate the odor. This was a temporary fix. Recently we removed the entire flooring of the rear section of the trailer to expose the santitation system including the black tank. It was discovered that an attempt to repair the black tank was affected which included a faulty caulking/sealing of the exit pipes at the base of the toilet leading to the exterior connections. There was no vent pipe in place for the black tank; the location in the floor where the vent would have existed was duct-taped over. Further, upon removal of the black tank it was discovered that the tank had been cut to affect placement in the sub floor and these cuts had been simply duct-taped over. The location of the vent discharge area in the black tank was similarly duct-taped over as it did not line up properly with the existing vent pipe in the trailer. No modifications were made to provide for exit of built up black tank fumes, which additionally explained the persistent and recurring issues with the odor. The black tank was also not placed correctly in the space provided, and effective discharge of waste was not occuring. Mr. Hudson indicated to us that he had made substantial repairs to the trailer and that it was in good working order. He indicated the had repaired the subfloor in the kitchen and back area of the bedroom as there had been a pre-existing leak in these areas. Mr. Hudson would therefore have been aware of the faulty plumbing and issues with the blank tank and waste discharge systems in the remedy of these issues. He did not disclose these to us at any time, and proceeded with the sale of the RV under what we deem untruthful conditions.

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