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Published: 07 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Trial Update Superior Court : Jakubaitis, vs Padilla and Shirdel : 40 Million Dollar Complaint Here is a new update from the Superior Court in the trial against Carlos Padilla the Garden Grove Resident who is accused of posting slanderous remarks on the Internet against an Orange County Couple “namly the Jakubaitis Family” who were forced into Bankruptcy “one right after the other” and the demise of the public company WECS; that Jakubaitis started and apparently was the first one to bring about the concept. Padilla and his attorney Arash Shirdel are acused of conspiracy Slander Per Se, Fraud on The Courts among other issues. In spite of what Padilla tried to do It seems that the court found that the 40 Million Dollar Suit against the pair has merit. The law suit has attached exhibits to it that apparently link Padilla and Shirdel his attorney to a company located in Las Vegas, (interestingly enough a duplicate company formed) after Padilla was fired for lying et-al according to the complaint. Padilla seemingly attempted two moves; First he filed a motion to quash and selected a hearing date one year out as a typical tactic that has worked in the past by attorneys : (Padilla told the clerk he was going to be out of the country, when he filed it but he keeps showing up weekly filing, motions and today as he was “out of the country” he filed a notice that Jakubaitis was in Bankruptcy. However, we searched the Federal Court System Records and found that Jakubaitis did file Bankruptcy however he originally listed the potential law suit against Padilla in his schedules and was discharged as a no asett Bankruptcy by the trustee. The trustee abandon the case, so what Padilla is trying to say is anyone’s guess. Seems hes not a forgive and forget Christian and is harboring some kind of malice toward Jakubitis. That being said the Court Found that Jakubaitis Prevailed and set the jury trial for January 2015. Jakubaitis was not available for comment. We tried but to no avail, and Padilla since “he is out of the country” 🙂 (the Judge did not buy it) and knew it was a stall tactic whe he heard it.. So here we go folks on to the discovery stage I hope this guy carries insurance ( his lawyer) because even if jakubaitis wins 5 Million, Padilla is going to be hard pressed with his few property holdings to pay ou and the suit that Padilla brought against Jakubaitis three years ago, man that file is full of 10,000 trees and more drama that television hasl;;; see Arash Shirdel a legend in his own mind apparently….his is not going to go easy lets see what happens… George Aspergis



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