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Published: 06 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I rented an apartment at Carlyle Condominium Apartments in Sherman Oaks. TheApartment was listed as a two bedroom, when in fact it was a 1-bdr + a den. They required a large deposit and at the last minute I were presented with a 1-yr and 6 month lease. I had no choice but to go for it. After negotiating with the so called Manager Allen Shakib who turned out to be a drug user and a flaming idiot I settled to sign an uncommon 1yr lease, but I had to do it because I were caught up with time. After moving in, I started to have unpleasant calls from Allen wanting to go out with me and telling me that if I went to bed with him he would reduce my rent. When I refused to go out with the morosn he began calling me all the time especially during the holidays including January 2nd, asking for the rent payment – even though I had untill the 10th of each month to make the payment. The pervert Allen was constantly harassing me and persecuted me by leaving me threatening messages and sometimes notes on my windshield trying to intimidate me intop going out with him. After a long year complaining to Fred Shakib, Sam Shakib and to Rebecca Shakib about Allen; Allen one night was waiting for me in the garage and call me all sorts of names. He was obviously under the influence of drugs. I almost called the Police to have Allen arrested for harassment and unwanted sexual advances. The apartment had several problems such as mold, a break-in at the neighbors apt (no locks were changed, even though I requested it) I then decided to move out. I informed Rebecca Shakib that I was going to go to the Police about Allen if she did not cooperate. I made a verbal agreement and and before moving out I did a walk through the property so Rebecca Shakib could verify the property was undamaged and clean. Rebecca Shakib signed off the walk through and gave me specific instructions to leave the keys at the kitchen cabinet. I complied with all Rebecca Shakibu2019s requirements to hand over the property just to ge the hell out of there. After two years (2) of being out of the property Carlyle Apartment, Inc., sent me to a collection agency trying to collect money from me. Fred Shakib, Sam Shakib and to Rebecca Shakib claimed I owe Carlyle unpaid rent, damages to the property, late fees and she claims I never handed in the property keys. I have learned that Carlyle Apartments Fred Shakib, Sam Shakib and to Rebecca Shakib are doing the same thing to all of the tenants after they move out. In fact what they have been doing also is waiting almost two to three years to take the old tenants after they moved out to small Claims court. All false accusations motivated by her just trying to bank a couple of thousands more into her account. If you rent an apartment from Carlyle Apartments, you will live to regret it. These people have a long history of doing bad things to the tenants. Be very affrsaid of these people stay away! Rebecca Shakib is a total coork and she is covering up for her perverted son whom I should have had arrested while I was there. I am now in consultation with an attorney to file a suit against Allen Shakib for sexual harassment. Go elsewhere!

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