Carmax Davie Florida Gold Coast Transmissin

Carmax Davie Florida Gold Coast Transmissin

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Published: 26 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On June 26th I brought my 2002 VW Cabrio – which I bought in 2004 in to carmax for service as the check engine light was on. I was told that the codes that came up pointed to 2 sensors in the transmission. Carmax advised because they were in the transmission they would need to send out as they did not do transmission. I agreed and said as long as I got an estimate first they said fine. On June 27th I get a phone call from Mike from Goldcoast transmission I say ok carmax says it’s two sensors he says he thinks there’s something else with the transimission – he says 350.00 to take the transmission out and take a look, I say fine. next day I get a call from Gold Coast – who tells me 3300.00 for a new transmission – we say can’t pay that right now – we’ll take the car back – he says it will cost us 400.00 to put transmission back – we say no he quoted 350.00 – now my transmission is in the trunk of my vehicle and even though I drove the car to carmax and carmax drove the car to the transmission shop I now have 358.00 a month car payments for a car that doesn’t run. The owner of Gold Coast called me – and the man was a neanerthal – rude condicending – said he was gonna try to make things right – and he would charge me 2600.00 I said no -he told me I knew my transmission was bad that’s why I brought it to him – I reminded him no I didn’t bring it to him I brought it to Carmax. Basically – they are holding my car for ransome – I expect when I get an estimate that the car is giving back to me in the same condition in which I sent it. Carmax is saying they are not responsible for any of this and the Service Manager has said – she doesn’t think she can do anything for me – because I spoke to Gold Coast when they called me – of course I wonder who gave them the number to call me – you got it Carmax I’ve asked Carmax twice once on 7/4 and on 7/2 to get my car back from gold coast transmission – and yet today – I get a nasty voicemail from Gold Coast that my car is sitting there for 9 days and now I owe them 50.00 a day for storage. By the way Carmax also told me I needed a new front axle and 4 new tires (I just bought new tires in March) And by the way – bad transmission/broken front axle I bought my car in 2004 with 24,000 miles on it and today it has 48,000 miles on it……………….how sad – so now my car is sitting at Gold Coast Transmission – with the transmission in the trunk. Joanne Sunrise, FloridaU.S.A.

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