CarMax - Irvine, California

CarMax - Irvine, California

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Published: 27 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was told by a friend they got a good trade-in deal at Carmax so I decided to buy my next car from them – what a mistake! Buyer Beware – if your used car from Carmax has any problem, large or small, Carmax will delay your repairs, give you lame excuses, blatantly lie and try to pass the buck to others – all while you wait in vain to get the car you paid for back! My story started 8 weeks ago – at first I noticed the electrical settings for the seat and mirror would readjust to different settings every time I got in the car – I had my dad, brother and other “mechanical” men look at it and we could not figure out how to stop this. Then after 2 weeks the fuel gauge wasn’t working – it would say “Empty Tank” and I’d fill the tank but it would only take 5 gallons and then the gauge would not go all the way to “Full” so I never knew how much gas I really had. I took it back to Carmax since it was under the 30-day warranty. They had it for 3 days, told me they ordered a new fuel gauge and everything was fixed. After the first time I got in and out of the car – the electrical settings still were not fixed and after a few days – the fuel gauge was doing the same thing again – they had not done anything to fix the car! Since I took it back the second time, it’s been 8 weeks – excuse after excuse for the delays – I called the dealer they said they had to send it to and they complained that Carmax was a slimy operator – they also warned me to make sure that Carmax did not put any “salvage” parts into my car – they said they’d heard problems about that. Yes, Carmax gave me a loaner car to drive – but it’s a much cheaper model than the car I bought and at this point I’m not sure when, if ever, I’ll get the car I wanted and paid for – back. It is frustrating, stressful and the worst part is that no one at Carmax – believe me I’ve talked to everyone at this location and at the Corporate headquarters – cares or will do anything. In fact, after 4.5 weeks when I finally got the Irvine store General Manager on the phone he said in response to my detailed litany of delays and excuses from them, “Well I guess that’s just the burden of car ownership.” In other words, we have your money, we’re not going to make any other money off you at this point, so we don’t care about you. I’m filing this report because I hope no one buys another car from them – in today’s world customer service ought to still stand for something and companies that don’t get this concept should be put out of business. If I had checked the Internet before my purchase I would have seen all the Web sites with complaints but unfortunately I have only checked it recently when I now join their outcrys as another victim of Carmax. At this point I just hope I get my car back not sure if anything will be fixed but I paid for a $17,000 car and I am driving a low-end model car worth probably $7,000wish me luck havent had much so far but I have no other recourse than to continue waiting S. Newport Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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