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Carmax Service Center

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Published: 06 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a Dodge Magnum apr 11th of this year.Very happy with the car,great condition,milage, runs great.After 5 weeks I recieved a call from their bussines office stating that the DMV was unable to process my plates because they needed a vin verification.I was informed that i could go to my local DMV or return to the riverside dealership where i had purchased the car, 65 miles away.I whent to the VMV down the street.I Took the morning off work and waited 3 hrs for them to tell me that the VIN # on the dash had been obscured by a replacement windshield.They suggested that I return to the dealership. I made an appointment at the Riverside location.Took the car in July 5th,as soon as my schedule would allow,(big inconvenience to say the least) I spoke with Michael the Assistant Bussiness Office Manager who appolagizsed for my inconvenience thusfar.He stated that he would speak with his boss as to offering me some sort of “vouchers” to make up for my time and inconvinience and perhaps some sort of carwash and reimbersment for gas.He requested that I call and personaly speak to him one week prior to my visit and he would personaly see to it that this situation was rectified,as it had clearly been an OVERSITE ON THEIR PART.I did so.He again reasured me that everything would be taken care of for me. Arriving Monday July 5th ,car fully loaded down with luggage for our vacation,My husband and I are informed that we would have to leave our car with them as the windshield needed to be removed and replaced.I asked the service Manager Joe how could they obtain the vehicle in the first place????? NOT KNOWING THE VIN# WAS OBSTRUCTED???? Furthermore How could they then sell it to me knowing this??? I demanded answeres!!! He stated that he knew nothing about that, his primary focus was to get the windshield replaced and my car legal. So we switched all our luggage to a loaner they provided.Joe assured me he would do something about our inconvenience.He said he would have some vouchers ready for us when we returned to pick up the car .He did not say for what , just that he would do ALL he could for us.Tues the 6th they called to let us know the car was done.We arranged to pick it up thursday the 8th, at least 48 hours after the windshield had been replaced,as we were on vacation a few hundred miles away. When we arrived to pick our car up the empoyees at the service desk just handed us the keys, no explanation, nothing. The blue tape was still on the car, the car was not washed. As I stated earlier this was at least 48 hours after the job had been”completed”,when I asked about the tape the response was to leave it on for 24 hrs.Nobody even knew when the job had been completed.I requested to speak to “Joe the Service Manager”I was told he was in a meeting and they had no idea how long he would be.So we whent back out to the car, tired from our trip,just wanting to get home.We noticed Thousands of RED AUNTS all over the front end of the car.I went back in and requested to speak to Joe again,still in a we left, aunts crawling up our legs the whole way home.With the new windshield audibly vibrating now. The next day I noticed that the headliner was not attached, as it had been before,loose frayed fabric hanging at the windshield.When I removed the blue tape I noticed an unfinished shoddy job.VERRY DANGEROUS.Obviously Joe did not inspect this job before we were called.This is clearly a blatant disregard for safety guidlines and laws.I spoke with Joe about this yesterday and he offered to send the crew out to my home to repair the “repair” that was already suppose to be done.Any a** knows How Dangerous an Improperly Installed Windshield is.How silly of Us to ASSUME that The SERVICE MANAGER would know this.Simple job it should be,this is very serious and scary!!! I have notified ther customer relations department on the east coast.I have spoke to them twice about this matter,hopefully they will realize the severity of the situation.I am looking into My legal options at this point. Very Sad Indeed when you cannot trust in people who directly affect the safety of you vehicle.WE COULD HAVE BEEN DECAPITATED ON OUR WAY HOME!!!

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