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Published: 12 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

i bought a 2002 ford e 150 van from carmax sometime in jan 2007! what seemed like great deal at the time turned into an unforgettable nightmare! when i test drove the van at day of purchase the alighnment seemed a little off so they said that it was nothing there alighnment machine couldnt fix. so they did so and said if the problem kept on to bring it back and fix it! well it did and it got worse after a few days! so come to find out there mechanics could not figure out why it could not be alighned so they sent it out to a ford dealer! after 7 days without my vehicle they called me and said it was done after having to replace $1500.00 worth of work and parts to the front end. gee must have bean in an accident. keep in mind this vehicle only had 38,000 miles on it when i boughtit. parts like that dont go bad from wear in that short period of time !and also did i mention that i was never offered a loner vehicle the whole time! so a few weeks go buy and when i start to break the van would pull to the right and my brake pads were already worn to the metal and destroying the brake roter! so they tell me that the roter just needed to be turned and some new brake pads would fix the problem,so they fix it! well about a month down the rode the same problem begins to happen all over again. so i take it back and they really dont even have an answer for me other than it must just be bad roters, so they replace both roters and brake pads again, so they say! so another few months down the road,fried roter and brakes again. so i take it to a local mechanic and he tells me within 5 minutes that i have a bad brake calibur!wow thats kinda funny that over a six month period those idiots at carmax cant figure that out with there high tech state of the art shop and mechanics, lol! i also did not mention in the same week my check engine light came on, the ac completly stopped working, my winshield started leaking water and the cd player just stopped working. well that was a great week! so here i am on my way to carmax in irvine all the way from san diego for the fourth time! i show up rather upset telling them about these problems and they take my van and tell me its gonna be about an hour before they can figure out whats wrong and how long its gonna take! well 3 hours go buy and they come to me with a bill stating that im gonna owe them $1400.00 for the repair! well after an hour of argument he finally relizes from my past history on the vehicle that they need to fix all of the above at no cost to me! 1 week later i get my van back and everthing seems to be fine.two weeks go buy and my check engine light is back on,the ac is not working normal and to top it off my breaks go to the floor almost putting me into an aciident. when i pulled over to check my brake fluid it is totally dry and the side that they replaced the brake calibur is spitting brake fluid all over the weel! i am done with these people i have givin them enough chances and thats it! i dont even want the van anymore,i want a full refund!i dont know the best way to go about this or who to contact,if anyone could point me in the right direction and give me there opinion it would be grately appreciated! ERIK Carmax victom el cajon, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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