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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

At CarNova, my car purchase wasn’t successful, and I am glad to have gone to another car dealership for a better deal and condition of the car. While at the company, I looked at many cars and found a problem in ten cars.

I test drove a few to make up my mind on which car to purchase but couldn’t find a preferred one to suit my needs.

I see their cars aren’t in the best conditions and the car issues are minor. There shouldn’t be minor or major faults on a car when you’re selling them to the customers. These cars must be in the best of conditions with everything.

Their cars are overpriced and I won’t buy a car overpriced which is in bad condition.

People working at CarNova aren’t knowledgeable of cars and don’t share information of the company to customers.

I queried about the paperwork during the purchase of a car and didn’t receive feedback from the staff at CarNova.

I didn’t feel valuable to this company for the terrible services I had there.

They ignored my requests and pressured me in buying a car and didn’t mention the faults on the car. This car dealership is of no interest to me and they don’t see for the interest of customers. My experience with CarNova made me realize just how terrible this place is and just how many people must’ve felt that way. I didn’t feel comfortable talking with the team of car prices and they weren’t informative of car faults to me.

My money is of value to me and I don’t plan on spending it at CarNova for the terrible conditions of cars and for terrible customer’s service I received there.

I haven’t met an honest worker and don’t trust the people working at the company.

They mislead customers in buying cars and lie to customers that cars are in good condition when they are not in good condition.

It is a shame to society to have to buy a car here and have car problems within a week from the same car that looked good on the outside.

The advertisements aren’t true and are disappointing to spend money on a car that has faults and no car is in good condition at CarNova.

Nobody guided me in the purchase of a good car, they didn’t pay attention to my needs and tried to fool me into buying one of their bad condition cars.

The untrained staff didn’t show me what I wanted to see from CarNova, that’s best services and honesty from the company.

They didn’t understand customer’s service comes first and I don’t see that from this car dealership. There’s no honesty to customers and no trust from the company to purchase a car with no faults. CarNova has poor management, no customer’s service and lack of professionalism to offer to customers. I don’t recommend CarNova to anyone in need of a car for the negative feedback I received from the company.

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