carol sciannameo investigations

carol sciannameo investigations

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Published: 28 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

carol sciannameo is by Pineallas Baker Act, as unmedicated sociolpath bi-polar manic depressive. carol sciannameo is mentally ill, most distrubed. has had numerous head injuries while working in the subways of nyc. any reasonable person would see that the number of complaints by at least a dozen people, men and women, against ethical breaches, wire fraud, out-right-theft of goods and funds/embezzlements, impersonations charges filed at State Attorney level, civil courts and scam web sites can not all be: “scorned women.” .. how many women have you scorned by the way?? ” you have called all accussors ” scorned by you ” scorned is a meaningful word= hate, dismissal, refusal to deal in a civilized honorable manner. any reasonable educated person realizes carol sciannameo must be up to NO GOOD DEEDS. WE think you do protest much too much Sciannameo. A NORMAL PERSON DOES NOT HAVE DOZENS OF PEOPLE AFTER THEIR a*s, LIKE CAROL SCIANNAMEO DOES. CAROL SCIANNAMEO POSTS BY THE HOUR, BY THE DAY, DEFENDING COMPLAINTS FROM ALL COMERS. Struggling by the hour , posting, to make the search engine demote the angry complaints against carol sciannameo. fILED on a pesonal and business level- hopeing to make all the complaintS posting disappear. BUT THEY JUST KEEP COMING, NEW NAMES ALL THE TIME. CAROL SCIANNAMEO LEFT BROOKLYN WITH THE LAW AT HER HEELS. COMES TO FLORIDA LIKE A MYRID OF OTHER LOSERS, RUNNING AND HIDING UNDER A CLOAK OF FALSE ACHIEVEMENTS, FORGED CERTIFICATES AND A MANICAL EGO, TO BEGIN HER SCAMS ONCE AGAIN. CAROL SCIANNAMEO HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS THAT ARE TRUE. SHE WAS FIRED FROM HER TEACHING POSTS AT A 2ND RATE TECHNICAL SCHOOL.. A FRaud, A PHONEY, A CHEAP IMPERSONATOR, ‘ women scorned” ??? HER OWN WORDS. i AM SURE THEY ARE SCORCHED, ANGRY AT BEING CHEATED, ROBBED, DEFRAUDED, EMBEZZLED BY CAROL SCIANNAMEO AND HER PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AND HER CHEAP DAY WAGES EMPLOYEES AND HAPLESS FOLLOWERS, WHO FALL AWAY AS QUCIKLY AS THE REALIZATION SETS IN AS TO WHAT SHE REALLY IS ABOUT. fellow citizens of the world… where there is so much smoke, you know there is a fire raging. hire carol sciannameo investigations at your own risk. google her… it’s all over the web for over 12 years…. luna dalva, ANOTHER ” SCORNED WOMAN” CAROL SCIANNAMEO, YOU ARE THE ONE SCORNED.. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. BUT A SOCIOPATH KNOWS NO SHAME, BY DEFINATION OF THE DISOPRDER.

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