Carolina lease management

Carolina lease management

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Published: 10 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This company can not keep nothing right they lie cheat steal. I bought 2 building from this company and the second time around I caught on to their scam. I kept noticing my pay off would keep going up instead of down. I called them asked them why my pay off was going up instead of down. They we’re adding fees that they called rental fees. Ok so I wanted to pay for early. I did but I took the hit of the rental fees begin added on to the pay off. My payment monthly was 88.71. Here is the break down the company gave me. 88.71 – 35.48 for rental fees and the remaining 53.00 and some change was added to the principal. Ok fine but when my statement come for my next payment they added the 35.48 right back to my pay off making my payoff go up. And it was 88.71 for 3 years if I paid to term. I opted to pay off earlier and still too the hit of the 35.48 times very how many months was left . This company ripped me out of over 5,000 dollars for 2 building same price for each unit different sizes but they are cream with green roofs same 88.61 payment for both just different sizes. Then when I made my last payment the pay off I was 2 cents short. Because I was told 174.86 was the payoff. I sent them 174.86 and was called and told my payoff was 174.88. I said so you going to repo. She said no but you are short 2 cents. Really 2 cents and you are fussing. Mind you I sent in 1,000 back in April and I never made another payment till they called me and said your rental fees are adding up. I was paid ahead for well over a year. Shot right back up to 600 cause of rental fees. This company will rip you off. Didn’t get my deposit back and that is ok. Haven’t gotten my payoff letter either. Shame shame that they would rip people off. So folks I’m only going say this once if you are a customer or thinking about becoming one don’t. If you are a customer as of now. Watch your payoff. Keep your statements and compare from month to month. They add 35.48 to the customers of 88.71 I’m not sure for others. But just watch your payoff it will go up each month and if you try to pay that months payment plus the rental fee for the next month they add it to the pay off anyway. This company needs shut down and they need to pay people back what they took.

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