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Published: 10 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I have worked with Eric and Ross to fix my car and found both of them to be deceitful. In November of 2008, I talked to Eric about a parasitic drain that the place that had installed my battery had found. After looking at my car, Eric said the alternator was drawing only 11 volts and needed to be replaced. I told him not to do any work and that I was calling my insurance company. I decided not to get the work done there since I have had numerous problems with Carousel Porsche service center. When I went to get my car, Eric stated they were charging me over $100 which was almost double the original inspection fee they charge. I refused to pay and Eric said they did a diagnostic on the car. When Eric & I had our initial discussion he specifically said they could not do a diagnostic until the car had a new alternator. And, I told him not to do any work on it until I called my insurance company. I have been overcharged by Carousel Porsche in the past and also paid for repairs that were never actually repaired. REPAIRS ON MAY 6, 2008 THAT WERE NEVER REPAIRED: I paid $166.25 plus $3.15 to stop the leak on the floor behind the driver’s seat. The leak has not been fixed. The car still gets wet behind the driver’s seat. I was told when I picked up my car on May 6, 2008 that the leak had been fixed. I noticed it was still wet behind the driver’s seat when I picked it up then and Ross, a service advisor, assured me that it was fixed and that if I let the car out in the sun with the top down that the sun would soak up any leftover wetness behind the seat. I did that multiple times this summer and it still is wet. The leak has not been fixed. I paid $158.40 plus $14.20 to repair my rear light. The light still looks dim or out when compared to the light on the other side of my car. The light has not been fixed. I am very disappointed with these “repairs” because nothing seems to have been repaired. I never received this type of service with my previous Porsche dealer in Florida. Also to note: I was originally quoted a price of $150 for an oil change and inspection for my car when I brought it in on May 6, 2008. However, the charges for the oil change ended up amounting to $266.32 plus $22.52 for an oil filter insert, .38 for an alum seal ring, 4.50 for oil, 44.58 for a pollen filter, 4.62 for a battery, and 43.17 for wiper blades. I did not ask for new wiper blades, I did not approve that. I also did not approve $266.32. I approved our original amount of $150. If those other parts were needed that seems to be fair to be charged. However, I was overcharged $116.32 (the difference of what I was quoted over the phone and what I was charged). I also was charged for the wiper blades which I didn’t want and could replace myself for much less. Another note: I have taken my car in twice for routine inspections to Carousel Porsche. Within a week of getting my car back the first time, I had a major problem with a part of my oil system which ended up in a costly almost $1000 repair that I had Carousel Porsche do. After taking my car for the oil change, within weeks I had a problem with my electrical system and the parasitic drain that would not go away. These could be coincidences or this could be a way for Carousel Porsche to make more money. I never had those issues for the years I owned my car in Florida and took it to a Florida Porsche dealership. If you are having these issues with Carousel, please let me know so we can stop this. Stay away from Carousel Porsche and use other service centers in the area that are fair and more reputable. I can provide names of other service centers that do quality work on Porsche and other import cars, just send me a message. Marc Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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