Carpet Cleaning by psycho

Carpet Cleaning by psycho

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Published: 29 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Michael Dale Dodd, aka Michael D. Dodd, Michael Justice, Michael Love and at least 200 other hacked and cloaned facebook page names is a violent career criminal with a family of felons. He has ignored a Cease and Desist order and is now facing multiple criminal and civil actions including investigation by the IRS and FBI for failure to pay taxes, impersonating a federal agent, making false claims, animal abuse, slander, fraud, stalking and collecting welfare funds for daughters children while claiming no source of income. Wake up Winter Haven Florida. These are your neighbors. Please share this to everyone. They need to know to STAY AWAY FROM THIS VIOLENT CAREER CRIMINAL AND HIS FELON FAMILY ARRESTED – 5/31/2001 DODD, MICHAEL D. CONVICTED: SOLICITATION TO COMMIT A LEWD ACT u2018 PROCURE FOR PROSTITUTION ARRESTED AND CONVICTED u2018 7/13/1998 DMGS u2018 DAMAGE TO PROPERTY LAKELAND LEDGER PUBLISH CORP vs. DODD, MICHAEL D. ARRESTED AND CONVICTED u2018 4/7/2018 DODD, MICHAEL D. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/BATTERY ARRESTED AND CONVICTED u2018 8/31/1991 DODD, MICHAEL D. BATTERY u2018 2 COUNTS AND CONVICTED u2018 8/31/1991 DODD, MICHAEL D. BREACH OF PEACE / DISORDERLY CONDUCT ARRESTED AND CONVICTED u2018 2/12/2018 DODD, MICHAEL D. ASSAULT AND BATTERY u2018 TWO COUNTS ARRESTED AND CONVICTED u2018 5/24/2018 ASSAULT AND BATTERY ARRESTED AND CONVICTED u2018 6/2/2019 DODD, MICHAEL D. CHILD ABUSE u2018 CHILD NEGLECT u2018 3 COUNTS ARRESTED AND CONVICTED u2018 9/25/2018 DODD, MICHAEL D. POSSESSION WITH INTENT TO SELL u2018 SCHEDULE 2 DRUG 1 social-media-prostitution-stings-guns Daughter Brittany Michael Dodd, aka felon s**t daughter BritBrit Among the felons arrested was Brittany Michelle Dodd, of Lakeland, who was charged with 3 counts of child neglect,, 3 counts of child abandonment and 3 counts of child abuse. Judd said during the investigation deputies discovered her three children were left in the care of men “they didnu2019t even know” while their mother Brittany Dodd traveled to an undisclosed location to “derive proceeds from prostitution. ” Subsequently, the children were “dropped off somewhereu201d, and their mother had no idea where they were when we found them, the sheriffu2019s said. Brittand Michele Dodd (BritBrit) was charged with prostitution, 3 counts of child neglect , 3 counts of child abuse, 3 counts of child abandonment. Prostitution felony suspects arrested after posting photos on Facebook with high powered automatic weapons By Jerriann Sullivan, Orlando Sentinel, May 15, 2018 Two Central Florida women who were snared in a January prostitution sting were arrested Monday after bragging about guns on their social-media accounts, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Felons Brittany Michele Dodd, 25, of Winterhaven, and Maylee Rossi, 27, of Davenport posted photos of themselves on Facebook holding semi-automatic rifles. They are prohibited from possessing firearms because they are convicted felons. Brittany (BritBrit) Michele Dodd was convicted in 2007 of felony charges of trafficking in stolen property and giving false information to a pawnbroker. And now for Michael Dale Dodds Felon live in girlfriend with two illegitimate kids who stole over $35,000.00 from her own employer – Diana Cumbest, aka, Diana L. Cumbest, Diana L. Dobb, Diana L. Dodd. mugshots.comus-counties/florida/polk-country-FL/Diana-L-Cumbest.1901659.html

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