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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is the second time I have used the carrental 8 system and i thought that last time the problems were just a misunderstanding. This time I have made 2 separate bookings and both of them have been completely messed up by Hugo Lopez who was supposed to help me out and give me a discount. Not only has it cost me more but it has been a nightmare as he continues to lie to me and make me fix the problems he has caused by making me pay more money.These are not all the problems with the two bookings but I will try to keep it as short as possible. The first booking was suppose to include the cr8 protection aswell as being an all inclusive booking as per the emailed quote that was sent to me. When the booking was made over the phone the voucher that was sent to me no longer had the cr8 protection but there was a $15 cancellation policy added without request. I immediately noticed the lack of the cr8 policy and emailed Hugo, he replied and said it was on the policy and would be on the bottom of the voucher. Unfortunately i believed him. When i checked my policy later I found these changes and emailed him. All he could say was that the cancellation protection was a standard part of the booking (which I knew was a lie because I had made another booking in the meantime that did not include it) and that he could remove it but it would increase the price of the voucher. The question about the cr8 protection was avoided. So he could fix one of his mistakes at my cost. Good to know, thanks Hugo! When i picked the car up Dollar then charged me for other fees and taxes. So much for all inclusive and no further payments on pick up. The second booking I had made in the meantime was entered by him with the wrong pick up time (more than 12 hours before the requested time) I checked the booking immediately and saw the mistake so i asked him to fix it. After around a week he finally emailed me and told me to fix it. So I tried to fix it and it came up with no change to the voucher but carrental8 would charge a fee for the alteration. So not wanting to pay for his mistake I told him to fix it. He never replied so I thought he had fixed it. Around a week later I thought I had better check. He had not fixed it and it was now going to cost $70 more to fix it. I told him to sort it out and that most rental companies do not mind if you pick the car up early. But they did mind and when I picked it up they wanted an extra $140 for the 12 hours!! Highly excessive considering I paid $400 for 2 weeks. So I picked the car up and told them I would drop it off early to avoid the ridiculous cost would rather give my money to taxi drivers than these scammers. I continue to try to get Hugo to fix his mistakes but all he does is lie and try to tell me that i did things/said things I never did. Avoid this company at all costs, it may seem cheap to start off with but it will cost you more in the long run. We wont even talk about the loss of time and frustration I have had to endure. 3 strikes out of 3 swings carrental8!!

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