Carriage Motors GMC Temecula

Carriage Motors GMC Temecula

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Published: 13 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

First let me say that I have been going to Carraige Motors for more than 4 years. In all that time I have spent more than $8,000 dollars in parts and service. I tell you this because it is important to know that I was what you would call a valuable customer. With a long history with this compan. On or about 1 Sep 2016 I took my Chevy Tahoe in for a Oil Change. As always the Service Rep called me with a long list of things that needed to be done to my truck. I was discussted with the way they were treating me. I told them I only wanted an oil change. One of the things they said I needed was new brakes. I then picked up my truck and replaced my brakes on my own. I had bought the most expensive rotors and pads I could find. Approximently one month later I took my tahoe into Carraige to have a new hood release installed. Two weeks after picking up from dealer my Wife started complaining that the brakes were sqweeling. I told her that it was not the brakes because I had just replaced them 2 months earlier. But she insisted that it only happened when she applied the brakes. After taking to another mechanic he informed me that my pads and rotors were completely gone. He was able to turn the rotors, but said they would need to be replaced soon. Pads were gone. New ones were required. The next day I went to Carraige Motors and spoke to the Store Manager regardin my belief that his mechanic had replaced my New Expensive Rotors and Brake Pads with cheap unsafe ones. I told him there was only three possible places this could have occurred. (1) My Locked Garage in the Middle of the night. (2) In the parking lot where my wife works between the hours of 0800-1600. (3) Or, at Carraige Motors. The response by the Manager was that he could not help me because they were currently in transition between Owners. He Also said “It would not surprise me, we have had alot of tools stole from here”. After being ignored for more than 3 weeks they finally referred me to the service manger who called me a Liar and was abusive. Here is the kicker. 1) Store Manager told me “It would not surprise me, we have had alot of tools stole from here.” 2) I spend on average $2000.00 in parts and service in Carraige Motors every year. 3) And here is the Big one. All I asked them to do was re-imburse me $350.00 for parts and labor. I have since found a honest mechanic.

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