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Gave us a good-for-nothing wedding dress

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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It is the wish of each lady of the hour to appear to be unique yet exquisite. The decision of planner is important and on the off chance that you pick an inappropriate one, every one of your wants may be lost. I have heard a lot of situations where everything goes spotless in a wedding however the lady of the hour loses her appeal due to the wedding dress. The same occurred with my childhood friend. She got hitched earlier this year and all that she wanted nearly sprung up. She had planned the ideal June wedding and she had been arranging the day since our teenage. Luckily, everything was going as she had envisioned like; the ideal person, place, stylistic theme, and food. For the wedding dress, we asked Carrie\’s Bridal Collection to design as we wish. They are situated in Chamblee, Georgia. Their blog has a ton to state about the client managements and remarkable marriage dresses. My companion and I had an altogether different interaction with them, however. We were pulled in by their blog as well so we chose to counsel them however who realized my companion could have everything done to flawlessness yet the wedding dress. She has been my friend when we were 5 and I truly needed her to have the best wedding dress. We initially called the spot to ask some stuff however they were not responsive on call. Following a couple of hours, we got their agent to converse with us and all she said was \’visit us for any queries.\’ Like you can at least answer a couple of simple questions on call and for bookings and changes or any bigger queries, you can request that the client visits. But who cares. Carrie\’s Bridal Collection has a different taste of client administration. In any case, we went to the spot yet at the same time we were not engaged pleasantly. We were not asking for any special treatment or anything but you can be friendly to the clients. It was difficult to approach the official for directing us about the dress however we made it. We at last arranged what my friend had constantly needed. She was expecting a different yet decent wedding dress but what was sent to us was an all-out mess. We requested a blend of sky blue and pale white outfit however the dress that was delivered was absolutely white. The outfit requested was exceptionally costly and they took 50% of the installment in advance according to some crappy policy and the outfit sent had an expense of not more than half of the arranged one. The bastards took the money and delivered a good-for-nothing dress which had to be replaced. We had to spend and extra 50% of the original dress budget as we had to buy her a new dress. If you want to have the perfect wedding dress DO NOT GO TO Carrie\’s Bridal Collection.

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