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Published: 27 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am not surprised to see several other negative reviews of Carroll Home Services/Carroll Fuels. All I can say is I am glad I don’t use them. Unfortunately for me, my neighbor uses them. Now how bad does a company need to be where a person who is not even a customer goes through the trouble to complain about a company? I agree, it must be pretty bad. Last year (yes, last year) my neighbor’s Carroll Home Services/Carroll Fuel delivery person destroyed the gutter on my garage with his company van. I was very glad I caught him! He said this was no problem, this sort of thing happens all the time (should have been my 2nd clue, the 1st clue being he trashed my gutter in the first place). He said they will take care of it, no problem. They have people who take care of this for them. Now how bad does a company have to be to have people to take care of an issue like this that should rarely occur? So anyway, I follow up and withthe company and speak with a guy, who transfers me to another guy, who says he will make sure it is taken care of. They have my address (they deliver next door), name, and number. I am greatly relieved. They good and honest people at Carroll, are on the case, and will rectify the situation. I can rest easy at night and not worry about explaining to my wife why the gutter is not fixed. Months go by, and I have forgotten about this problem. (Wait until you get to be my age.) Then my wife ‘reminds’ me about the gutter. At this time, my warm and fuzzy feeling for this company has evaporated. I call the guy again. He was very apologetic. He forgot all about this. He gave me his word it will be taken care of. All was right in the world again. I could sleep at night. Peace and harmony have been restored. A few months later my wife ‘reminded’ me again. This time I reached out to my guy’s manager – Tony Chew. He was aghast at what had transpired. This would not do. It besmirched the name of Carroll whatever they are called. Of course this must be made right. He would personally guarantee this. I told him it was supposed to be fixed last year. My wife had expressed her displeasure at my ability to take care of the family homestead. This created a less than desirable home environment. Plus, all I had asked for was to get it fixed before the rainy season (oh foolish me). Three weeks later and now that I have Tony Chew’s cell number, and because he obviously now has mine, he is not picking up my calls – let alone returning them. So when I call today to ask to speak to the general manager, (Tony must have a boss), the customer service rep (Debbie) asked if she can help me. Fool that I was, I fell into her trap. I knew better, but I told her what my problem was anyway. She said I needed to speak to someone else. She said she would pass my message to someone who would help me. I asked Debbie what this lady does, and she said she runs the delivery department. I told her I thought that was what Tony did, that is why I asked for the general manager. Debbie told me this lady runs the delivery department WITH Tony Chew and she would take care of it. I explained to Debbie I would rather speak to the GM instead of Tony’s lunch buddy, and Debbie refused to let me do this. She refused to give me the GM’s name or number. Such great customer service! Imagine if I had asked for home fuel oil. She would have denied this and sent me gasoline for my car instead. It is good of Carroll to hire mind readers to let people know what they want, even though they ask for something else. I asked Debbie what gave her the right to determine who I wanted to speak to, and she refused to honor multiple requests to speak with someone else. It appears the corporate attitude towards being the best in poor customer service is ingrained from the company managers down to the receptionist. I think their goal is to be number 1 in poor customer service. This definitely seems to be the company mantra as it is obviously ingrained. Hence my lack of surprise at the plethora of complaint about the company on the Internet. Luckily for me, it will probably be less than $200 to fix the little corner of my garage. I am certainly getting more than $200 worth of damage to this company’s name and reputation for everyone I tell my story to. This gives me something to talk about at dinner parties and at the theater. Caveat emptor, I would give this company a wide berth. Not just because of the other complaint regarding price gouging, etc., but because this company apparently has a rotten corporate culture. If I were able to reach the GM, do you think he would even care about my problem? Not likely. His company does not even seem to care about their own customers. Why should he care about me? His own people don’t, right down to the person who answers the phone. This is an environment that he allows to flourish, so it is his decision to tolerate, accept, and embrace this behavior in his employees. I am glad I am not a customer. I wish them luck on their quest to be number 1 in poor customer service, but I don’t think they need it. They are well on their way! .

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