Carroll's 24hour Towing

Carroll's 24hour Towing

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Published: 08 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My old scumlord wouldnt fix our busted waterpipes, so the county condemned the property. giving me 24 hours to vacate, but 30 days to remove my belongings. When I went back 2 weeks later to get my explorer with a trailer, my landlord informed us he had it towed, 1 day after we moved out. He also informed me he had broken into it and stole some tools(yes he admitted this!) So I called the tow lot, Carroll’s 24hour Towing, in Martinsburg, WV. Carroll, the old 70 some year old owner, informed me that my old landlord, Tim Slater, removed some belongings, and then (i believe in an attempt to cover it up) had Carrolls tow it, stating it was abandoned. Carroll told me two men, one of whom was a police officer, removed belongings on site, stating the items were on a stolen item list. Yet there was no warrant. Come to find out, my truck had sat there for 13 days, so I had a bill of $349. So I forked out the money, furious it had gotten towed from my own driveway. When I got out to my truck, I found(probably Carrolls) my brand new battery had been replaced by an old non working battery. Then I noticed that my truck was almost completely empty! We had it packed to the roof during the move, and it was full of really expensive tools, and camping equipment. The door had a hude dent in it, Im guessing where my landlord had broken into it. Probably about $3000 worth of tools were missing. I called the police in MD and asked for the Sheriff who supposadly went into my truck. It wasnt him, or the police in MD period. He was going to look into it, for possible police impersonation. I then called WV State Police, and asked to file a report. This police officer contacted Carroll, who then told him that there was never a police officer that removed my tools, and that it was my old landlord Tim Slater who did it all. When the police contacted Tim Slater, he told them the items were his, and he stole them back. So needless to say, the police in WV refused to take a report. Of course Tim isnt going to admit that he stole anything, who would?? Why would I call the police on MYSELF if I stole something that got stolen back?? I dont have a record, nor have I ever gotten into trouble before in my life. So now, because of Carrolls 24hour Towing, I am short $349 for having to pay for my truck getting towed out of my own driveway, short nearly $3000 worth of tools because Carrolls allowed someone to steal tools from my truck, short a brand new $100 battery, and Carrolls wont give me the complete list of items stolen from me, which I need to take Tim Slater to court. Luckily Carrolls wrote on my receipt that my items were removed by Tim Slater. Company policy is that no one can get into their OWN vehicle to remove ANYTHING without paying the tow/storage bill. Also, their policy is that no one can go into a vehicle unless it is THEIR vehicle. So how can Carrolls allow someone into my truck to remove all of these tools, without a warrent?? I already filed my civil charges against Tim Slater, and now I plan on filing civil charges against Carrolls, but I want people to be informed to NOT deal with this dirty old man. He is unfair, and a liar, and a thief. Carrolls is the only towing company in Martinsburg WV, and they tow for the State Police. I am pretty sure if there were other competition, people would use them instead. Im also pretty sure the police are refusing to take a report, because they have worked with Carroll for 50 years. Another innocent person getting swept under the rug. All of this because I got my rental property condemned, because my two young children and I had to go without water in the dead of winter for 11 days! Jessica Bunker Hill, West VirginiaU.S.A.

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