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Cars 4 Causes

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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This reprehensible “not for profit” organization is one of the worst scams ever perpetuated on the public. One of our supporters donated his vehicle with the express purpose of assisting our mission. The Blue Book value at the time of surrender was $1,500. He was informed that the car sold for less than $500, without any explanation provided. Months later, we made several attempts to find out when our donation would be received. On three separate occasions (all documented), we were told a check had been cut and was in the mail, all of which were lies. As a last resort, we posted on their Facebook page that we were documenting their deceit as they had demonstrated their refusal to send us a check. Lo and behold, the following day, the Executive Director called to say that the check was being cut that very day and wanted to explain how they do business in regards to sending donation checks. We waited to speak with her until we received the check – and as we suspected, the insulting amount ($25) was without question a punitive gesture on their part to retaliate against us for calling them out in a public forum. But, to be fair, we called the Executive Director to hear her side of the story. The receptionist screened the call, and moments later, we were told “Sorry, she’s left for the day.” At 2:30? I asked if she normally works half days and was told that yes, she does. But if she had really left for the day, why wasn’t that simply said at the beginning? To scam the public is bad enough…but to scam charities trying to do some good in this world is about as low as you can go. They can keep the money – we don’t accept dirty contributions.

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