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Cars RV & Marine Superstore - C.A.R.S. - CARS - 392268 Alberta Ltd

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Published: 04 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Cars RV & Marine Superstore ripped us off GOOD!!! To the tune of $80,000.00CDN. Ordered our Unit Feb 2/04, never took delivery until May 1/04. Had all kinds of excuses why it never came when it was suppose to (3-4 weeks). Signed the loan papers prior to taking delivery – BIG MISTAKE but a lesson we won’t soon forget. Never again. Never even saw a copy of the Warranty agreement prior to the deal, never mind sign and receive a copy as we are required to under Gulf Streams’ Warranty Policy. Special Order of the Arctic Package on this Gulfstream 5th Wheel never included Heat Pads on the Holding Tanks. When we asked the Service Manager why there were no switches for the pads, he lied to us and told us that they ran on automatic thermostats and switches were no longer used. In reality, the Heat Pads were never installed!! We also never received an oven, nor were the Power Vents w/remote wall switches installed. These Fans were installed after Factory Manufacture and now are still not on wall switches, and we have to climb a ladder to open, close and turn on and off one fan. In addition to this, 5 lights in the living area of the coach are also on the same wall switch as the fans so we have to use a broom handle to turn these lights off and on all the time. -Most of the Information Books were missing from the unit as was the remote for the stereo. In addition, this unit was not PDI’d properly and we had water leaks upon setting it up. We also discovered the following within a couple of weeks of taking possession: -Have a sewer smell within the coach and it is coming from the kitchen sinks as well as the A/C -2 sets of blinds are mis-colored and 1 keeps falling down as there is not amount for it, it is screwed directly into the wall -Laminate floor is poorly installed, the ends of the pieces are mis-cut and there are gouges and chips in it everywhere -Floor is unlevel under the carpet in 2 places and drops ~3/4″ -Step up into the bedroom is 1″ higher on the left than the right -Counters unlevel, sinks hold water after draining and the stove is unlevel -Shock mount missing on one shock -Screws falling out of the window frames, one window leaked down the wall and another the seal is gone -Awning has a string of pinholes – have been refused replacement -Drawers in kitchen have clips that gouged the bottoms, these were removed by us, reinstalled by the Dealer at the top of the drawers and now the clips don’t even line up -Staples showing in Ceiling everywhere In addition to the above, -we have had a drain pipe come apart in the heated storage area. This came apart because it was never glued at the Factory. We glued the connection, and now both the Dealer and Manufacturer figure everything is ok but what about the rotten smell we are now stuck with in the storage area due to the water damage this un-glued connection caused. We have had water in our underbelly for about 2 months now because of this. -October 30/04 we discovered water in our roof. This water is laying between a layer of batt insulation and flex-foil (foil wrapped bubble) insulation. The Dealer will do nothing for us and the Manufacturer (Gulf Stream) is telling us it’s our fault we have moisture up there. We have always ran a de-humidifier since the day of posession BUT the Manufacturer – at the factory level, & the Dealer – when they did the PDI NEGLECTED to vent the fan above the cooking area. The Flex-Foil is above the batt insulation and we believe, and have been told by an independent dealer, that the flex-foul is acting as a vapor barrier holding all the moisture in the roof area, but this is our fault. Our unit has been at CARS for nearly 4 weeks now and nothing has been done to it…. absolutely NOTHING. The unit was in at CARS in September for 4 weeks and at that time they did NOTHING either. Tried since mid May/04 to get this unit in for Warranty work but never could prior to September. Gulf Stream Coach tells us that we haven’t fulfilled our obligation. Have over 30 e-mails, 50 phone calls and 60 pictures to prove otherwise!! When we had our unit in for repairs in September, Randy Storr – Sales Manager did give us a loaner. It was a Coachman which was dirty and very well used. He is now stating that we “wrecked” the loaner bringing it back with a hole in the wall, blinds broke off, screens destroyed and the carpet filthy. He states that he had the carpet shampooed. This is such a crock, when we were waiting to take the loaner, there were 2 people in it cleaning the carpet with a bucket of water and a rag. This is NOT shampooeing. Why would we treat a loaner this badly if we believed it was in our best interest to look after it and own unit is not in this state due to filth and poor upkeep. We know we are not the only ones to be ripped off, cheated and lied to by CARS. Wonder if this Dealer and the Manufacturer stay up all night to think of new ways to cheat the unasuming consumers that purchase the junk they sell and manufacture but calls an RV? Wonder if their conscience bothers them at all? Probably not, Guilt has NO Conscience. Bottom line here? If a LEMON was ever built this is it. NEVER deal with a Dealer that tells you what you want to hear but will put nothing in writing and MAKE SURE you understand and get it in writing exactly what your warranty does cover. We want our $80,000.00 back plus the GST, the Extended Warranty we paid for, Life & Disability Insurance and what ever else we paid for on this Gulf Stream piece of crap nightmare. Caroline Grimshaw, AlbertaCanada

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