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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On July 1st, I received a call from Tina Webster, senior loan consultant from Cartwight Monetary Trust, LLC. This was in response to an application I had made for a loan. She represented her company as one who helps those who either have no credit, bad credit or rebuilding to secure a loan without collateral. After speaking with her at length, she assured me that if when I receive the loan agreement I am satisfied with the terms and conditions she could assure me I would have my finds within one day of returning the same. I got the fax, which I had sent to office max in Sanford, Florida. There were a couple of things i questioned, but needles to say everything looked & felt legit. I was asked to remit collateral payments to their agen who was in Miami, Florida and upon receiving these funds my loan would be released. Being considerate, I did just that only to receive a phone call at the 11th hour letting me know that I needed to increase my collateral payments due to my credit state. Reluctantly I did; again to Alicia Wright in Miami, same scenario, had to wait for her to verify the receipt of such payment in order to continue. The next morning I received a call from Priscilla Ford, in the release department who informed me I had to purchase and insurance policy in the amount of $390 in order to complete the process. At that point I decided to terminate the process requesting a refund. David Carr contacted me from customer service and explained they did have another lender who was willing to go thru with the process, however it would not happen until July 23. I told him I was not interested and to remit my refund. He proceeds to inform me that I would not receive my refund until 30 business days later, which is in conjunction with their “billing cycle”. His calculation was that date being August 18. He also assured me they would contact me from time to time to let me know I would get my money back. Needless to say, on Monday, August 18th, I had not heard from them. I called the ‘s I had only to be able to leave a voice message. About an hour later, David Carr called me to say this was the day for my refund (as if I didn’t know). He had the nerve to tell me they could process my refund for $250; I was livid. I explained to them I had perused my contract over and over and there was NO mention of a termination fee. He then informed me that they would hold my refund for a week, and if I did not remit the processing fee of $250, there would be a 6 month waiting period to get my funds because my money would be reinvested. At this point, I have filed a police report with the Fresno, CA police department, the federal trade commission and the FBI. I pray no one will have to suffer the financial devestion I have and this report will help to get the scam artists out of business. .

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