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Published: 27 June 2018

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Dear previous, current or future residents of CASA DEL SOL APARTMENTS IN HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – If you or somone you know has been lied to, stolen from, defrauded, harassed, verbally abused or otherwise harmed by the leasing office staff and/or property management co please use your LEGAL RIGHT TO SUE THEM IMMEDIATELY. In California, you can take them to small claims court and easily win $7500. They are run by crooks with a greedy fraudulent investment firm in the shadows and they are being investigated by multiple agencies and authorities. Many previous and current residents have sued and are suing them as we speak for a myriad of reasons including THEFT, FRAUD, PROPERTY DAMAGE, HARASSMENT, BAIT & SWITCH TACTICS, INVASION OF PRIVACY, CONTRACT FRAUD, ETC. Do not let these thieves take your money, ruin your reputation, damage your property or any other illegal actions that they consistently do on a daily basis. Stand up for you legal rights. There are thousands of attornies in OC/LA that gladly take these cases and win. Small claims is easy and fast but limits you to $7500 which is nothing to a large fraudulent company that makes millions$$$$ and steals millions of your hard earned deposits, property value, health problems etc. Many residents have had health problems and financial problems due to CSD’s horrible plumbing with asbestos water, lead paint, no air conditioning or ventilation, and other atrocities for which they are being sued. DO NOT LET CASA DEL SOL APARTMENTS MILLIONAIRE TERRIBLE BUSINESS OWNERS OR RUDE LOW PAID STAFF TO INVADE YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. FILE YOUR SUIT IN THE SUMMER OF 2014 AND GET THESE CROOKS SHUT DOWN UNTIL THEY FIX ALL THE HEALTH RISKS, PROPERTY DAMAGE, VANDALISM, THEFT, HARASSING STAFF. UNTIL THE RESIDENTS JOIN TOGETHER AND USE THE COURTS TO EXERCISE YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS, THEY WILL CONTINUE THIS FRAUD. ORANGE COUNTY RESIDENTS TAKE ACTION! FILE SUIT TODAY!

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