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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Recently, I recovered from a very critical accident I met with 4 months ago. It left my legs and hands fractured and broke a few of my teeth. I was now in a good condition and it was the right time to get my teeth fixed by a reputed dental doctor. My two frontal teeth and both the left adult teeth were broken. This complication made me look ugly and ill. I wanted to replace my tooth so that I could smile without any hesitation and express myself confidently. It was a mistake going to the Casa Dental of Santa Ana. I was unknown about their doomed behaviour, therefore, I made an appointment with them.

I chose the place because it was the only dental clinic in the locality of Santa Ana where I currently resided. I went into the place and it was already crowded, I told the receptionist about the appointment I made a few days back, she was quite busy in the phone call and didn’t bother to listen to me. I repeated myself, and this time she got irritated and told me to take a seat until my name is called upon. Time passed by and it was more than an hour, I was becoming impatient and thirsty at the same time. I requested a glass of water which I didn’t get. I was then called in by the dentist. I was already disappointed with the poor service of this place, but the dentist didn’t leave any chance to disappoint me more with his actions. He called me in and checked my mouth orally, he didn’t leave any chance to make fun of my missing teeth. He didn’t know the pain behind it so he kept on laughing. I haven’t encountered anyone like this before.

He then told me that my gums are weak and because of that he could not proceed with the treatment. He filled up a prescription and told me to follow the medications for a week and come back again. The medicines were hard and it increased the pain in my gums and somehow affected my digestive system too. The doctor was always unavailable over a phone call. I had to live with it for a week.

I went back to the doctor for a dental implant but he again told me that my jaws were weak and added a few other medicines. I was sick of eating such hard pills, I requested him to proceed with the treatment because I was already fine, and my jaws were functioning well. He then scolded me and told me that he is a doctor and a patient must listen to him for better health. It was at that time I realized that I shouldn’t get myself checked by such a rude and horrible doctor. I decided to dump the place and take my business to a better place where patients are treated the way they should be treated. Please stay away from the Casa Dental of Santa Ana. They are horrible with their behaviour.

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