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Published: 07 March 2019

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But in my check he did not pay me 7,75 he only paid me 3.50 and another thing was i called on friday to tlet him know i would not be going anymore because of family problems and i asked him when would i get my check his exact words were ” what check” i said what i worked for he said remember you never gave me your ss i said yes its on my application.all he said was ohh another thing he never gave me a punch in and out number he did last two days i worked their he also didnt give me a paper saying he would keep my first week he never gave me anything too sign saying he would keep my first week of pay if i didnt notice them in two weeks i would quit i started working at casa don boni on a tuesday – january 8 and he didint make me sign a paper saying he would keep one week of my pay if i didnt warn them two weeks before i quit and he started paying me 3.50 as a bus girl then he moved me up to a hostess and i was supose to get paid 7.75 stating the next monday and i only worked mon-wednesday and he never gave me a pin to punch in or out my hours he did the last two days i worked then i quit because of personal problems. he also said when i called to notify him about not showing up to work anymore our exact conversation was: gesenia: hi im sorry i will not show up to work because my personal problems ( i said it in spanish) when can i get my check juan manuel: okay….what check ? you didnt give me your social security number. gesenia: excuse mmm yes i did in my application juan manuel: mm okay sunday he hung up the phone immediately

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