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Published: 20 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

used Cascade Liquid Gel Detergent to do a couple of loads of dishes. I was horrified to find out that all my dishes came out with this awful white film on them. So, I then proceeded to wash and rewash. The film would not come off, my dishes looked terrible and I didn’t even feel comfortable eating off of them! I contacted Cascade online. A lady named Tenecia S. tried to tell me that it was from “etching” and that I need to check my dishwasher or hard water. It was not the fault of Cascade! Well, funnily enough, no other detergent had caused that problem. I replied relaying that information to her and she responded by saying that she would mail me a $10 coupon so I could purchase yet more Cascade. I replied and let her know I don’t want more Cascade, I don’t want more dishes ruined, I have wasted enough electricity and I now have incomplete sets because I cannot have myself, my family or even my cats eat from them, I read that that white film can be toxic! then told me to call the local number that was on the bottle, couldn’t even give me the phone number herself because funnily enough when I found the number she herself answered the phone! I again explained the damage. She offered me a $100 certificate to replace my dishes. The cost of replacing my dishes with the separated sets plus running my dishwasher over and over trying to remove that stuff was more like $750! She said okay she would send me claim forms to my address. What she ended up sending me were claim forms for LAUNDRY DETERGENT! By this time, I am getting livid. I am beginning to feel this is deliberate. I wrote to her and said can you please send the correct forms? She said, sure, sorry about that and promises to send me the claim forms for Cascade, but then instead sends me a request for the Cascade Bottle so their laboratory can analyze it with a disclaimer the bottle may get “destroyed” in the process. No claim forms to fill out similar to the laundry detergent ones. I write back well there would go my evidence – I said I will be more than happy to send you a sample of the detergent plus some of my dishes at your expense. Then, to add insult to injury, I get a response from her like she doesn’t even who I am all of a sudden, with the same generic answer she sent me the first time “in order for me to assist you better, you will need to call the number on the product”. By now, I am about losing it as I have a huge pile of unusable dishes sitting in a box and a very small amount that I can even eat off that were lucky enough to escape the dishwasher the fateful day I used Cascade. I had to go buy some temporary dishes – again more money out of my pocket! That was close to $100 and I don’t have that kind of money to waste. My final straw and attempt to this company was to write a complaint letter to the Corporate office telling them of this whole stressful and unprofessional treatment I had received and I have heard not heard a word back – this has been about a over a month now! I am so fed up with this company and their horrible shady customer service and the inconvenience it has caused to my life. I will probably now have to waste yet more time taking them to small claims court. They will not even help me, they lie about forms, they don’t care about their customers. My warning, do not use Procter & Gamble’s Cascade .

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