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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I called for a quote to move and received a quote I was happy with. I put a down payment in the amount of $150 to schedule the move. The movers were taking items out of my storage to move to an apartment. I, myself, moved many boxes and delicate things, filling my own car with possessions. In order to get the quote, I had to list each and every piece of furniture in my 10×10 storage unit, which was not entirely full to begin with, plus I removed some things myself. I was told that the move prior to mine would be done by noon, that it was very close to my storage unit and to expect a move about 1:00 p.m. | As a result, I waited around the town my storage was located in waiting for a telephone call, which finally came in about 2:00 p.m. and the mover said that they needed an hour, to meet them at the storage unit at 3:00 p.m. Upon arrival, one or both of the movers were napping in their truck. I woke them up, brought them to my storage locker and they expressed extreme pleasure in the light load they had to move. Since it was placed into storage by movers, the furniture was mostly wrapped, the mattress was already bagged and there was little to be done. As I said, while the movers transported the heavy furniture into the truck, I moved boxes, lamps, and other smaller items that would fit into my car, especially if they were delicate. As a result, the movers had even less to move than I indicated when I received the quote. I was told I had to pay for travel time, except Casey Movers failed to tell me that I was expected to pay one hour EACH way from my move, although their move before mine was less than 15 minutes away and travel time is $200 per hour. Secondly, they represented that they were located in the town in which my storage was located, which was exactly 13 minutes from my storage. All in all, travel time should have been 30-45 minutes, maximum, according to my telephone call which generated the quote. | Since the guys were so thrilled that my move was very easy, things went quickly and the truck was loaded in no time. The guys decided to stop for coffee on their way to my apartment, which was fine, except they were charging me travel time to do so, which is NOT okay. Upon arrival at my new place, they were able to park within feet of my door, so the move into my unit was extraordinarily easy – no steps, no elevator, nothing needed by them. They began unloading my 8 pieces of furniture, which includes the bagged mattress, and about 10 boxes. The only thing that I needed was for them to reassemble my bed. Once at my home, the guys just hung around talking about their job, their boss, their personal lives and one of the movers continually went outside for some unknown reason as all of my things were already in the house. I was just waiting for my bed to be assembled, which I had to remind them to do, as well as ask them to hook my couch together several times. Otherwise, everything was done very quickly, but for some reason they were hanging around, supposedly to go to another move after mine. Little did I know that as they hung around my house talking to me and amongst themselves, that I was being charged for every moment they did absolutely nothing to do with moving. | I was asked to sign the paperwork BEFORE the move, and in the place where it said what was paid, it indicated that I had made a $150 deposit so I signed without issue. At the conclusion of their conversations, when they had finally put my bed together after me reminding them a few times, one mover called into the office to finish my move and charge the rest of the balance, which was $299, according to my quote. The mover added in an amount of $733.18 (or thereabouts) to the part that I had signed acknowledging my $150 downpayment, so it was made to look as though I signed and agreed with their charge. Naturally, I was horrified. I was quoted $449, which was pretty high for such a small move where they had to do nothing but actually move already packed boxes, wrapped furniture and the pieces of the bed/mattress. | Of course, the office was closed when this occurred (closed to the public, that is, as someone was clearly there to charge my credit card) so I called the next day. I spoke with the woman that alleged to be in charge of billing and she stated that it was illegal for her mover to charge the $733.18 without my express consent, which I clearly had not or would not have given. Consequently, I contested the charge with my credit card company, was asked by Casey Movers to send a detailed explanation, and ultimately was told that it would be resolved within a month of my move. It was not, and is not. I specifically requested the GPS readings from the truck since that is how they allegedly track the movers and was not provided with same. I asked them to explain to me how my tiny move took 4 hours, since most of their time was spent talking. I was told it would be looked into, yet received nothing. | The company, and especially the movers, knew that I am disabled and have cancer and am on a very limited budget. I was still ripped off by the company nonetheless. I am taking to every possible avenue to discredit their lying and poor service. Unfortunately, on their Facebook page, they seem to remove the 1 star ratings and leave the 5 stars in place. It turns out that about 75% of their reviews were negative. So not only did they lie about their location, my expected travel time, the amount if would cost, but they also lied about how long it took for my move. Apparently, I was paying for their nap at the storage facility, them stopping for coffee and them chitchatting. It is absolutely disgusting that people do business like that. One of the movers had also done something inappropriate which I have yet to report to the employer or to my credit card, but suffice it to say it’s enough for him to lose his job. If the issue is not rectified to my satisfaction, I will report what occurred at my home and if he loses his job, it will be just karma for purposefully overcharging me for my move.

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