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Published: 30 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had applied for a personal installment loan online, on Sunday, September 14, 2014. I received a phone call on Monday September 15, 2015, from a company called Cash Advance USA that said they received my application online that was sent to them for review, and that I was approved to receive an installment loan for $5,000.00 if I was interested. I told them I was. I was so excited that we actually got approved. The loan representative told me that the payments would be $510.00 a month for 11 months, and I would need to go get a green dot card @ CVS for $510.00 to go towards the first payment, and for good faith. I told him that I did not have that at the time, but I would have it on Wednesday, and I could call him back then. So, on Wednesday, September 17, 2014, I called him back, and he said I only had to purchase a money pak card for $250.00. So, I went to CVS, purchased the green dot card for $250.00, called him, and he asked me to scratch off the numbers on the back and give it to him. After I gave him the numbers off the card, he put me on hold for like five minutes. He came back on the phone, and asked me if I wanted to increase my limit to $10,000.00. He said my payment would stay the same, but my term would be longer. I greed to increase the amount. He then told me I needed to purchase an additional money pak card for $375.00 this time. He said this is to cover the additional processing fees, and that it will be reimbursed in the loan proceeds when I receive my loan. So I figured since I was going to be getting it right back, that it would be ok. So, I purchased the second green dot card, gave him the numbers, was put on hold again for another five minutes, and then he comes back on the phone and tells me that he has to send the loan by western union because of the large amount, and that I have to go buy another green dot card to cover the charges of what western union charges in order to receive the money, and again, said that the money would be reimbursed in the loan proceeds. If I did not get this green dot card, then I could not get my loan. They promised me this was the very last time I was going to have to do this and then I could get the loan. So, I felt like I had no choice. So, I purchased this card as well. Now, a total of $890.00 in money pak cards, and still no loan. After this last card information was given to them, he put me on hold for another five minutes, and then said he needed to connect me with their insurance department. He said because of the large amount of the loan, that I needed to purchase another green dot card for $140.00 for insurance on the loan. I then told them no. I was not going to give them one more penny. I asked them to refund me my money of $890.00 that I had given them so far because I did not not want this loan afterall. I even went on to say that I believe this is a scam. He said he could not refund me my money because it was already being processed with western union. He said he could not authorize western union to continue the transaction until I purchased the other money pak for the insurance. I told him that was not going to happen, and I just wanted my money back. He kept arguing with me, and told me that I could not get that money back, and that there was a cancellation fee if you do not proceed with the loan. I am so upset with myself that I allowed myself to fall for this scam. Our family has been struggling financially for awhile, and we are on a fixed income, and I was just desperate to try to borrow some money. I sure did not need to go into the hole deeper than I already was. This has been one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made financially. I just hope that this company is caught for running a scam before they cause any more heart ache on another person or family. Also beware of a man with a strong foreign accent, possibly from India, and on the caller ID the came up (312)-473-0036, or (312)-788-9647 both Illinois USA.

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