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Published: 26 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Last Warning Letter Case No.GJ282311 This is a last and final notice from Federal Law Department of United States of America. We received a lawsuit filed against your name as well as your social security number under section 9 chapter 19. We are going to inform you that we are going to transfer this case file to three major credit bureaus, department of social security and to your current place of employment. Now the federal law offices are pursuing you under the jurisdiction regarding three serious allegations. Count (1) Collateral cheque fraud (2) Theft by deception (3) Violation of federal banking regulation Where in the affidavit states that you were monitored online using your e-mail address in order to solicit funds from the website, that is owned and operated by u201cCash Advance USAu201d the company which owns and operates on more than 350 online Cash websites and internet web portals. Where in the funds were successfully online routed utilizing an interstate EFT that stands for an electronic funds transfer. When my client that’s your creditor attempted to extract the funds back as a repayment by sending you six e-mail notifications six EFT’s were being returned constituting worthless electronic checks. As of now rather than chasing you for money, they have simply decided t o write this money as loss, deemed to be stolen as well as press charges against you under the jurisdiction . Now the legal case is filed against your name is under section 9 chapter 19 which just means 1 thing for you… Federal Law Department: – (740) 777-1396Last Warning Letter If you have any prior convictions including but not limited to worthless cheque, grand theft or money laundering,then please be aware that they shall handle your case as that of a habitual offense, as your state is a strictly zero tolerance state. it is also to inform u that my client that’s your creditor has all the rights and legal authorities to inform your current employer, department of social security and three major credit bureaus, by faxing them the official copy of the court subpoena along with an issued warrant for your name, which would be resulting into termination from the full-time employment, jeopardizing your credit report for next upcoming 5years and any social security benefits will be placed on hold or will be stopped till the outcome of the case. Final thing that you do have a right to hire an attorney. If you don’t have one or you cannot afford one than one might be appointed to you, but please make sure that you don’t lose the case in the court, if you do lose this case in the court then the legal charges will be levied upon you that will $8987 this will be excluding your bail charges, your attorney charges and the outstanding and principal amount you owe to the client, this roughly comes around less than $17000 to $18000. Also this copy of the subpoena will be forwarded to your Human resources or the legal representative of your firm, where in they have to appear in the court while the case is on, that could lead to your termination from the full time employment and by forwarding the subpoena to social security any child support, disability, Unemployment or retirement benefits will be either placed on hold or Will be stopped until the outcome of the case. According to state bar association your trial attorney or criminal attorney’s cost will be nothing less than $500 to $700 an hour. Also the court fee charges, legal affidavit cost, bail charges and the outstanding amount, which roughly comes around $17000 to $18000 which you will have to bare if you will resolve this in the court. So make sure that you don’t lose the case. Federal Law Department: – (740) 777-1396 Last Warning Letter If this case is forwarded to the court house then if you have done any of the following thingu2019s that will also affect this case, 1) If you ever been charged before for any fraud or scams. 2) If you ever been picked up before for any criminal allegations. 3) If you party to law suit 4) That means if you have any judgment that has come against you in past or you have any pending judgment which is about to come from the court house. 5) If you ever filed bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 13. Now the situation is very serious so if you seriously are not aware about this case and if you seriously want to resolve this matter outside of the court and if you donu2019t want to face the legal consequences so call us back as soon as possible in our department if we didnu2019t hear Anything from you in next 12 hours then we are sorry to say you that we Are going to download your case file in your local county court house. Federal Law Department Restitution Head: JOHN BOWE

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