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Published: 05 January 2020

Posted by: Valerie

Beware to all. Do not use online payday loans. I was desperate, and needed the money for an emergency dental appointment. I know, I was stupid, and that is the reason I am writing, to help the next person not to fall into this never ending pit. I made a 350.00 loan, that I thought was to be paid off on my next payday… the total should have been 442.00 taken out of my account. I was confused to find that they only took out the 92.00, so I called them and they told me that they were charging me 7 dollars a day in interest, and that it would cost me 581.00 to pay it off. so I told them that i wanted it paid off the next payday, because they needed 3 days in advance in order to pay it all off or they were going to just charge me the interest. Ok, so my next payday comes and they only take out 210.00. so I call them, and they tell me that they never got confirmation that I wanted to whole thing paid off… I was pissed. So they tell me that it is gonna cost 581.00 to pay off… not including the 210.00 they just took out. So, another pay period comes, and again I expect them to take out the whole 581.00, and this time they only take out 217.00, so I call them again and get the same reply, except this time they tell me that I have to go online to their website, and make the changes for the next pay period… so I try to go online, and whenever I try to access the page to make the change, an error page pops up… wtf… so I call them again and they tell me there is nothing wrong with the page, it must be my computer… bull!!! And they tell me that they need written notice to change the payment to a full payment, so I send a letter… and guess what, I get an email saying the my next payment of 262.00 is due on June 9th… no way, so I call them and tell them that I sent the written notice to authorize payment in full, and if they don’t do it this time, I will close my bank account… which would be a huge hassle for me, but I was gonna do it. So finally yesterday, I see that the 581.00 was taken out of my account. I am gonna close my bank account anyway, cause they still have my bank information and they sent me an email today saying that I have excellent credit with them and that if I wanted to make another loan, all I would have to do is log on the their website and click one button and I would be approved in seconds… NO WAY… Please people, not matter what financial difficulty your are in, please do not make a loan with these people… they will bury you with their outrageous interest which I believe was 972% apr. 7 dollars a day in interest… or something like that. We need to all contact the state of Delaware and talk to their lawmakers about regulating these loan sharks. I am remaining anonymous due to the fact that this company still has my information on file, and I am afraid.

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