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Published: 23 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had an old laptop lying around that I wanted to get rid of. Naturally, I started looking for ways to sell it. One of the guarenteed ways, was to sell it to a website who buys laptops for whatever reason — was one of them. Before sending it off, I made sure that it booted properly, and proceeded to clean all the files / software off of it. The *only* thing that was wrong with it was a missing key — which I included in a baggy when i sent the laptop in. The original estimate was $237 back in cash. Not too bad. let’s go with this one. Upon receiving their quote (below), it was obvious that they were making up reasons to decrease the amount of money they pay out. However, this would likely be a problem anywhere else I sent the laptop, so I decided to do this anyways. The reasons listed were as follows: ● LCD Back Cover/Lid : Major cosmetic damage ● LCD Front Bezel/Trim : Major cosmetic damage ● Touch Pad Palmrest/ Mouse Buttons : Broken or melted plastics ● Keyboard : Missing, broken, or melted keys ● Bottom Case/Housing : Broken plastics, vents or latching There was no cosmetic damage on the front cover — I treat my laptop very well. Same for the front trim. I use a separate mouse, therefore there was no wear on the touch pad / mouse buttons — both were working, and HOW would I even begin to MELT them?! The only missing key was included — valid point, I suppose, but they could’ve easily replaced it. There were no broken cases / housing / plastics, or anything else. This company is a piece of shit, and a scam. Please do not use them!!!

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