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Published: 14 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On October 22nd 2014, I got a peice of mail from Cash Central, I decided to give it a try to see what was what. “Normally once information is entered online most credit card companies, offers even short term loans pay day loans etc, will run a full credit check and show a screen please wait while we run your credit through the three brueas. Equafax, Trans Union, and the others, but Cash Central Fails to do so.” I feel that I was scammed and frauded into my loan for $1,010.00 since this was the smallest loan I could get and still have the $600.00 plus some extra to get my car repairs going. However they put it in very small writting after the fact that the loan goes through and when the sticker and price shock comes through. Daily interest of $142.00 roughly, which is completly assinine, and a huge rip off. Secondly bi-weekly payments of $99.50 twice a month is $199.00 nealy $200.00 a month they are robbing me blind and not leaving me any money left for my cell phone, internet, gas in my other cars, insurance etc. Total loan fiance charge with out prepayments $4,159.80, and with added interest $5,169.80. Hell no like I said “HELL NO”, they will be getting back the $1,035.00 only aka the overall ammount plus finance charge taken from the get go, to HELL with their assinine interest. I am reporting this to my backs fraud department and immediately closing my membership getting a new one that these loan sharks cant ever touch. I am reporting to the BBB, and the consumer credit counseling company locally. I will instead refinance my loan payments for the $1,035.00 through my local offices. And tell cash central to kiss my big white @ $. Everyone be ware, it is too good to be true, stay away. Please read others complaint about these scam loan sharks, aka

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