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Published: 05 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Between May 4, 2014 onward my inbox has been flooded everyday with bogus emails from “Collette” and “Emma”. I suspect this relates to clicking on a bogus video advertised that demanded sign up with an email address to view more economic hardship predictions from an alleged voiced-over “expert” of a fortune 500 company guru in the video that probably doesn’t really exist. The topics included a new U.S. currency going into effect on July 1, 2014 which, by the way, never happened and was bogus. And the narrator rambled on about other useless ‘get your money out of the banks, now’ fear speeches that were never made distinctly clear throughout the entire length of the video. Shortly after signing up, my inbox was flooded with emails from “Emma” and “Collette” with such catchy subject: I love you, I’m so Pissed, Your order is complete, ____, please address this immediately, _____, can you jump on a quick call. Other eye-catching subject lines: Re: Your Email, and ____, I can’t hold your payment any longer. I also received notices from both Emma and Collette that my account would be closed if I didn’t click on the links provided in their emails and wouldn’t receive any astronomical sums of money. Well, gosh darn it. I casually replied to a few of their emails letting them know I was reporting them for phishing, bogus emails and spamming my inbox everyday since May 4, 2014. Be extremely cautious of any website demanding your email address before continuing to watch their bogus videos. The video to the U.S. currency change was listed in an advertisement bar. Click on that and it will open a new webpage and the video automatically plays, then pauses and a screen pops up asking for your email to proceed. And like magic your inbox will be flooded with spam emails from “Collette” and “Emma” everyday. And their return email address is the same. All they want is your personal sensitive information to bleed your bank account dry. Example of their emails: “Hey, What the heck are you waiting for? I’ve been holding your comission check since Monday and I need to pay you. You haven’t responded to my emails. “Please accept payment now….” etc. Your friend and mentor, Collette” Other signatures include: “Cheers, Collette”, “Talk to you soon- Emma”. Another giveaway that this is a scam: “You have NOT been charged anything. I just hooked you up with…” And the email ends there with two links enclosed that you have 4.5 hours to act on. Hope this helps others to avoid clicking on any advertisements in the advertisement bar that appear too interesting to be taken seriously. I never clicked on any of their links and have strong reason to suspect the URL links they enclose in their emails are possibly corrupt, high-jacked, and utilize a “bait and switch” method that will infect your computer with all types of malicious spyware, adware, malware if clicked. If you see incoming mail from “Collette” or “Emma” promising you astronomical comission payments, wanting you to click on their links, give out your bank account or credit card information, immediately report them as spam and block their email addresses. Don’t click on anything they send!

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