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Published: 01 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have opened an account a couple months ago with CashnetUSA. I’ve applied for 9 loans with them and they were all completely paid off. Today, I contacted them via chat because I wanted to close my account. The representative told me that the Federal Government prohibits them from closing my account. He told me to refer to their privacy policy. I did. There was nowhere to find the information. I asked him then to copy & paste the information on the chat, he replied he didn’t have the information either because it was moved on their website. Below is a summary of our chat. People should stay away from CashnetUSA | Hello! Welcome to CashNetUSA, America’s trusted | online lender. A representative will be with you shortly. | You are now chatting with Curtis. | Curtis: Welcome | to CashNetUSA online support! In order to verify that you are the account | holder, can you please | provide me with your home phone number and the last four digits of | your social security number? | Anonymous: | Anonymous: | Curtis: One | moment while I access your account. | Curtis: Thank | you for holding, Tatiana, I will be happy to assist you. | Curtis: CashNetUSA | cannot honor your request to delete your personal information from our database. | We are | required by federal and state laws to retain and keep a record of | any customer information submitted to us. Please see | the CashNetUSA Privacy Policy for more details regarding the | collection and use of customer data. | Anonymous: I want to cancel my account access | Anonymous: what the heck you’re talking about you are require by | Federal Laws to keep my account open? I | am the customer who puts my information into your system. Thus, | I am requesting you deleting my account. The | Federal government has absolutely nothing to do with it! | Curtis: Ma’am, | I’m sorry, but that’s not the case and federal regulations are very much | involved in this. The | information has to be retained for the use of lender reporting | groups. Deleting your account essentially deletes your | history with us and if you inquire for loans elsewhere we have to | be able to provide this information to the lender | reporting services of your state. | Anonymous: BS! | Anonymous: And you know it! | Anonymous: What state you’re talking about? | Curtis: It’s | not, ma’am. Look into groups like Teletrack and Veritec. | Curtis: All | states. | Anonymous: I don’t care what you are saying. The Federal government | cannot prohibit you from deleting my | account when I specifically ask you to do so. Wait! Are we still | in the US?! | Curtis: Yes, | ma’am, this is the US. If you’re not interested in anything else I’m saying | then is there anything else I | can assist you with at this time? | Anonymous: Give me the piece on your policy that states you cannot | delete my account upon my request | because the Federal Government prohibits you from doing so? | Curtis: One | moment while I pull that up. | Anonymous: Are you trying to making it up? Because if it takes you | that long to pull it up, perhaps you are | on the kitchen cooking it | Curtis: One | moment, ma’am. The site was updated recently and we’re looking for where the | details were moved to. | Anonymous: OMG!!!!!!! | Anonymous: Can you be more fAKE!!!!! | Curtis: Thank | you for holding, ma’am, I’m going to forward the account to management to pull | up the details of the | federal regulations and forward it to your email. | Anonymous: Nope! You have to copy and paste it here | Anonymous: There is no waiting for email Curtis! | Anonymous: In a matter so strict that the Federal Government has to | be involved, the information should be | at the tip of your fingers | Curtis: It’s | not, ma’am. | Anonymous: What’s not Curtis! | Curtis: The | details aren’t immediately available to me. I brought it to the manager and | they’re looking into it as well. | It was likely just moved on the site when it was recreated. | Curtis: I | understand you don’t believe me and I don’t blame you, but we will contact you | later via email with the | exact details on how and why this is a federal regulation. | Curtis: Is | there anything else I can help you with today? | Anonymous: Such information cannot be moved like that in your | account when it was created! | Anonymous: Nope! If the information is not available on your | website, I request that my account be closed | Anonymous: I am taking this matter right now to customer protection | Your chat transcript will be sent to | at the end of your chat. | Curtis: Thank | you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment. | Curtis: Ok, | I understand your concern and feeling the need to do that. | Chat Window |… | 1 of 2 2/1/2013 7:45 AM

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