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Published: 11 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

To begin with, once I took the transcription test, it took over two weeks to hear anything from them. Once I did, it was I passed the transcription test and could begin work. | I only had the chance to work on 10 assignments and in 2 weeks time and they only graded 3. The one paying the most was passed with a score of 5, which means you don’t get paid the bonus. Imagine that. | When I disputed their grade and asked for proof, I was locked out of my account. I told them their grading scale was way off and there was no way I made the mistakes they claimed, then when I asked to see my original transcript, that is when I was locked out. | They came up with an excuse I only had a 5.5 grade, which I know better, they only graded a few assignments, in that length of time and I know better. Then they stated I needed to retest to be accepted into the company again. The same test I had already been given a good grade on. | The reason they lock you out of your account is so that you cannot see your earnings or make screenshots so you can sue to get your money. They have no intentions of paying you the bonuses they say they give for perfect work, I always worked above average, but the first time I question them, I’m locked out and need to retest. I call BS! | Not to mention that immediately after being locked out of this account, another transcription service (Babbletype) locked me out of my account saying I failed the entrance test that they had already said I passed. | How can I pass both these tests one minute and then when I say I want it reviewed I’m locked out of 2 places. What does that tell me? Casting Words also runs Babbletype, another scam company. | They advertise they pay 1.00 per minute, that’s an out and out lie. They pay .17 cents per minute and then once you do the work, they get money from it and you get locked out of your account and you will never get that measly .17 cents. Stay away from these companies. They are nothing but scammers!!

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