Castle Law Group, PC

Castle Law Group, PC

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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

As a client of Castle Law Group, I believe Castle’s attorneys should be reported to the Tennessee Bar. Castle pressured us into paying high upfront legal retainers ($5,000) by promising that we would recieve a full refund if they are unsuccessful. Our agreement said we would be entitled to a full refund after 12 months. Thats when all the probelms start! First, they dont tell you the Castle engagement contract has expired, you have to figure it out yourself. Ofcourse, Castle never communicates ANYTHING to its clients. But if you happen to remember and request the refund of the fess you paid (as they promised in writting), thats when the run around, lies and excuses begin. Castle’s attorneys argue all sorts of reasons why we do not qualify for a refund. First, we didnt do what we were supposed to (can you imagine, the attorney’s actually blame the clients) and therefore they are entitled to terminate us as clients WITHOUT A REFUND! Even though they never communicated anything of the sort for over a year! Then when you ask in disbeleif how that could possibly be true, another Castle Lawyer person says that they beleive they are on the verge of getting our timeshare cancelled and we should just continue to wait. Months go by with NO further communication from Castle. When you finalluy get someone on the phone, someone then has the audacity to say that the firm had actually “fulfilled their services” under the agreement. Fullfilled? For $5,000 we got a letter to the timeshare company saying they represent us, then NOTHING, literally, for 15 or more months. When we finally threatened to file a bar complaint, they become more willing to give a refund. But my real purpose of my complaint is what happened a few days ago. CASTLE LAW DIDNT CARE ABOUT US THEIR CLIENT, THEY JUST INTERROGATED US ABOUT “WHO” TOLD US WE COULD GET A REFUND!!!!!!! THATS MY POINT – CASTLE LAW IS COUNTING ON ITS CLIENTS FORGETTING THAT YOU CAN GET A REFUND. AND THEY GET ANGRY AT ANYONE WHO DARES TO REMIND US!!!!! IS THIS NOT A GROSS CONFLICT OF INTEREST! INSTEAD OF INFORMAING US WE HAD THE RIGHT TO A REFUND UNDER THE LAW FIRMS ENGAGEMENT AGREEMENT, THEY TRY TO STOP US FROM KNOWING – THAT DOESNT SOUND LIKE THEY ARE WORKING TO HELP ME – BUT TO HURT ME!!! JUDSON PHILLIPS SIGNED OUR CONTRACT AND AM TOLD HE OWNS CASTLE LAW GROUP. MARK MY WORD, I WILL NOT REST TILL HE IS DISBARRED OR WORSE!!!!!

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