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Published: 27 February 2020

Posted by: Jufy

Buyer Beware!! This is my fault, but I want people to understand the type of company they are dealing with before they order anything from them. I had received this Catalog for a couple of years before deciding to order from them. I assumed the Terms and Conditions were standard boiler plate and agreed to them. They placed my name on a list that they sold to every on line catalog company on the internet and all the Charities in the United States. I’m not opposed to Charities and donating funds to support them, however, I have four Charities that I support yearly. I live on a fixed income and cannot donate to all of them. My mailbox is now full of Catalogs and Charity requests everyday. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions you agree to on any website. I’ve been taken by Instacart and their membership plan also hidden in the Terms and Conditions.

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