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Published: 20 October 2018

Posted by: joy ching

A very traumatic experience from Cathay Pacific: Last April 9, 2012 we have a flight home from Korea to Philippines with a stop over in Hongkong. Our flight of Hongkong to Manila should be 14:40, we have boarded the plane at around 14:10. Our flight was delayed for more than one and a half hour already, and the aircondtioning system of the airplane is not working properly, it is really so hot that almost all of us becomes dizzy, including my mom, a child even fainted because of the heat. A doctor who was also a passenger took my mom’s bp, it was a little higher than normal and the doctor gave her medicine, but the staff just won’t allow us to fly back home even if her condition improves or even if we her family members are willing to sign a waiver, they won’t even honor, the doctor’s advice saying that my mom is already okay. They ask the immigration to pull us out of the plane making us feel like we are criminals. They brought us to a hospital through an ambulance where one of the paramedics is really very rude and impolite to my mom, they just left us in the hospital which is really very far from the airport without even asking or caring if we have the money to pay for our hospital bill and how can we go back to the airport. What really makes us angrier is that, the staff of Cathay Pacific even got the nerve to announce that my mom and the child were the cause of delay, causing other passengers to be mad at us.

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