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Published: 09 April 2020

Posted by: eclare5

I bought a pair of $120 boots, took them home, wore them around my house for 3 hours (which the employee recommended) and realized that the sole of the shoe was falling off. I called the store and spoke to an employee who told me if I brought them back my money would be refunded. I brought the boots back to the store two days later (before the 10 day limit) and told the employee my story. She told me that there was no way she could refund my money and if I wanted to give back the shoes I would have to take store credit. I did not want store credit at this time as I do not live close to a Cathy Jean store. She then told me that if I wanted, I could leave my boots with her and she would send them to a shoe repair free of charge, I chose this option, still not thrilled as I just want my money back. As she took down my information she told me she would call me before 7 days were over and let me know if the shoe repair man was able to fix the boots… 8 days went by before I called the store. I spoke with a manager and explained my situation and that I was extremely upset with the customer service I have received (being in customer service myself this is absolutely unacceptable in my company) and that I had not heard back about my shoes. I described the employee that took down my information and she told me she’d call the employee and call me back once she figured out what was promised. Fine. TWO DAYS LATER she returned my call, claiming I never brought the boots back to the store and they didn’t have them. When I exclaimed, “So you’re telling me one of your employees stole my boots?!” the manager responded, “Well I guess you could say it like that.”… After my utter shock wore off I explained to her that I did bring the boots in and I couldn’t have made up the story because I was able to describe the two girls that promised to send them to the shoe repair man, she then told me that they did not have my boots… She called them back and got a real explanation. As she called me the next day she told me that she had found the boots… they had been put BACK ON THE SHELF TO BE SOLD!!! Not only are the employees incapable of taking care of their clients and sending the boots to be repaired… they are selling the boots I OWN and putting faulty, broken, “worn” (as they so claim them to be since they won’t just return my money) items BACK ON THE SHELF to sell to SOMEONE ELSE! I was absolutely SHOCKED and furious to hear this. The manager then removed the boots from the shelf and brought them to the boot repair, as I picked them up (yes, now the third time I’ve driven to the store, completely out of my way because of your incapable staff) I received no apologies and was shown the “fixed” boot… The sole has been poorly glued back in to place that will come apart in the first puddle I step in. I am extremely upset and disappointed at not only the way this situation was handled but also the lack of customer service on this company’s part. I am still shocked that accidentally buying a pair of faulty boots has been such a huge inconvenience and stress factor in my own life. Believe me, I am a patient person, but when it comes to serving clients, I can’t believe the way I was treated by these employees. I was recently called by the District Manager a week after I sent a complaint email to their “customer service” team (their website says they’ll respond the next business day). She was extremely rude, basically told me that all of the girls working in that store were idiots and broke several rules and only offered me a 15% discount on my next purchase. After telling her I would not be returning even with a discount she told me that was all she could do and refused to offer anything else. NEVER EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING AT CATHY JEAN!

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