Cavalier buildings

Cavalier buildings

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Published: 31 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My mother (65) recently met with a roaming sales guy to purchase one of these buildings. After reading the other complaints, its all coming together now. Same sales pitch about giving you money for showing your building to others. Her property is so remote, that just would not happen. The building was cancelled from someone else or coming off an auction. So act fast! All the free upgrades including 14 gauge wall panels. Do you know how heavy that is? Just shy of tank armor. Not for the price they quoted! which was dropped by 1000’s. By the way she gave them $3600 down for nothing but runaround and lies. What a crock! She was promised drawings so we could pour footings. This was two months ago. Still no drawings(blueprints), just picture of a building. excuse after excuse of why they dont have them. You dont have drawings for a pre fabbed building!? that is rediculious. She has called several times and cant get past the useless girl that answers the phone. She asked to just cancel the whole thing because Cavalier is not holding up their end of the deal. breach of contract, lots of empty promises, but yet they want to charge my mother 50% of the purchase price for cancelling. Building was promised done by June. Oops not done yet. not even a set of plans. Well Mr Hobbs, looks like you need to clean house again and get rid of all your lieing, cheating employees you blame for all of the shenannigans that goes on. Especially this crooked sales guy running around Missouri, since this is where these complaints are stemming from. This is the first stop, of letter writing. Next is to any other ripoff website I can find Then the attorney generals office in MO and Va. I see you have nothing on the BBB. Guess what? You will now. You Tube is good for telling your story. If you fill the content right, it will show up on every google search about your business. This is the Show Me State Mr Hobbs. Show me a building or show me $3600. Better yet, just show me the money. We dont want your building that apparently doesnt exist. We will spend the money with someone reputable and honest here in Missouri. I wish my mother would have read this site or told me what she was doing so I could have done some research. We would have NEVER dealt with this bunch of crooks if I saw this beforehand. Give my mother her money back and move on. If you dont you will not be having any good days until you do. We are not a bunch of liberal push overs in this state.

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