CBS Miami Studios Studio City

CBS Miami Studios Studio City

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Published: 24 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was appalled to see the manager/owner, C.J. Thomas and “producer”/ washed-up rapper,Timothy Brown, aka father MC, aka T. Riley were still up to their old shenanigans, trying to get aspiring artist to fork over their hard earned cash to them believing that they will be able to help them get into the music industry through them. They are still running the same games to this day on artist that would give their last dime, if it meant they may have the chance to showcase their writing and rapping talents to a reputable music producer or company that could help their music careers off the ground. Yet these two individuals do nothing more than prey on unsuspecting artist that are willing to pay them cold hard cash for a few days of fame and hype behind the mic. Their antics date back about eight or more years ago when my daughter first began her journey as an artist. These two shysters were advertising a casting call for rap artist wanting to get into the music industry. My daughter was asked to forward samples of her music and was contacted to come in to meet with their “producer”. I went with her and recognized the “producer”, Father MC right away. He and his partner-in-crime C.J. went into their spill how the only way to get into the music industry is through people already well-connected, like they were. They then stated how not everyone was able to have the opportunity to actually sit down with someone of his stature, but if she was going to be serious about working with them, she needed to commit to investing in recording time to the tune of $600- $800 per day. I have to admit that we fell for their con the first time around and ended up forking over $1500 for two days of half a** recording time. We got really nowhere with the recording and when I pointed out they were suppose to provide with at least a fully recorded track and get an opportunity to have it heard by an A&R person from Universal. Needless to say that never happened! Today I took my daughter to yet another supposed interview with a “producer” and it ended up being the same shysters. They have changed the name from “Killer Rabbit Studios” to “CBS Miami Studios”, and making the same empty promises, looking to take whatever money they can get out you to record with their u00e2u20acu0153producer.u00e2u20acu009d What a joke! My daughter has a lot of talent as a writer and in rapping, and we firmly believe if it’s her destiny, through her continued efforts, she will succeed. We know it is a hard business to get in, but she will no longer allow people to take advantage of her desire to become a professional rapper. These two individuals should be investigated and possibly arrested for the misconduct and fraud they are perpetrating.

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