Beware of Bethann Schuldiner, Christopher Welty and all other scammers that are behind this

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Published: 04 September 2017

Posted by: Willie L Wega

Just a little background in the story. Bethann Schuldiner and Christopher Welty are apparently a couple even though Christopher supposedly has a wife in Canada. Bethann Schuldiner is a convicted felon but for some reason she was only sued privately for real estate fraud but she has criminal charges pending as well for her fraud in Orlando from 2007 to 2009.
These two together stole over $38,000,000 dollars in their Florida real estate fraud. Then when shit hit the fan, they went into hiding and no one has seen them since. Even a couple of people that had business ties with them have disappeared as well. This story is 100% true and substantiated with evidence.
After being in hiding for a couple of years, one of their fraudulent companies resurfaced and it is called CC LOGIC. They basically offer and offshore company registration, shady credit cards from the offshore banks and all the different ways for you to evade paying taxes. All these offshore options are based in the countries like Cyprus, Belize etc…
What they don’t tell you is that even all of those are scams. If you want to form a company with their offshore option or whatever, they ask for fee $1795 for which you basically get nothing at all. All of their claims are fake and they simply take your money away. They did their homework and slandered all the other LEGAL COMPETITION and they are having their ILLEGAL BUSINESS praise all over the web. Does that seem like a company you would want to have dealings with?
Furthermore, these idiots neglected to pay attention to some details. For example, their office is registered in Cyprus and the address they gave actually has a building there. The office was supposed to be numbered 204 when that building only has 160 offices. These idiots are that cocky! They don’t care if they get other people in trouble. That office is registered to some pawn from Cyprus and he is probably clueless to the world of trouble that can come down on him.
I found some of their victims by simply searching cc logic on the web. People bought their credit cards because they wanted to have a separate account for who knows what reason but as soon as they put any substantial money on those accounts, the money vanished. These guys are stealing their clients’ money. And you can only imagine what else these guys are up to.
The reason I am so pissed off at these idiots? they used my cousin’s info to obtain an illegal license back in 2013. My cousin had his passport stolen on the Bahamas and few months later he gets a call regarding the company that took out a loan and defaulted on it in less than 90 days. THE COMPANY WAS ON HIS NAME. Closer inspection revealed that all the money ended up in the CC LOGIC account in the Seychelles.
These idiots are crooked all the way up and they simply don’t care who they are ripping off. I swear to god their story would make a great movie ‘cos I almost didn’t believe in it. As I was doing a research on these scammers I found so much falsified data, evidence of foul play, defrauded customers, and banks even.
One of the most bizarre things is that Bethann Schuldiner who is behind CC LOGIC was under investigation regarding the death of her brother back in 2001. She was even suspected having a roll in his more than curious death. Is that crazy or what? It amazes me that these criminals can still operate a business and advertise all over the world. That should simply be fucking illegal.
And the cherry on top of the cake was that Bethann Schuldiner was contacted by one of the attorneys from Florida regarding the allegations of fraud back in 2007, she threatened to kill him. She even told him she would murder his whole family if he ever files a suit against her. He told that story to the police and the FBI and she fled Florida with a fake passport under Panama. This is all a part of the public record and can easily be found.
The point of the story is to warn people to stay away for CC LOGIC ‘cos these fuckers are not messing around and will steal your money, at best. Who knows what they are prepared to do if you cross their path.

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