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Published: 09 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We had decided to remodel a bathroom and our office. When I was attending a Home Improvement show in Phoenix, I found CCD & More, LLC at the show in a booth where they were displaying a wide variety of services and products that they offered. One of the services that they offered were Epoxy sealed floors in a variety of colors and finishes. Their products were beautiful and I was excited to have found such gorgeous products to finish off the floors of my rooms, especially since i have four dogs who put a lot of wear and tear on the floors. | I talked to the three men who were at the show, who turned out to be the three owners of the business. The two primary men I spoke to were Adam and Scott, who were the guys that did the majority of the installation of the flooring product. | I visited their warehouse to look over all of their flooring products and to choose the color I wanted for my two rooms. The office was to be ocean blue and the bathroom was to be metallic champagne, which had a very sparkly look. They assured me that the colors would be excellent and that they would turn out wonderful. | They came and did the work as contracted. Unfortunately, Scott got very sick during this time and ended up in the hospital. The other two men carried on even though, as they told me, One guy had never done this type of epoxy flooring before. Scott is our expert, they said. But we will give it a try. Now that made me nervous. I really don’t like being the guinea pig or the training grounds for the new guy. Maybe they should have paid me instead of the other way around!!! | So the put down the bathroom floor first and we had to let it dry for 24 hours. The next day I look at it and there was no metallic look and no sparkles. That part was supposed to rise to the surface as the product dried. No luck. So we waited for another 48 hours just to be sure and then they reapplied another layer of the epoxy. And we waited again!!! | And guess what!! NOTHING!!! No metallic and no sparkles. So we waited another 48 hoursand nothing happened. Once more with the same results. So this one day process has now taken over two weeks with no visible results. Adam says I will have to research this. | So they move on to the Office floor to apply the epoxy. The blue epoxy floor with its variations turned out beautiful except for the little bumps that popped up. No problem, they said, we can grind those down. Unfortunately, they ground one all the way down to the concrete and now I have a white post the size of dime in my blue floor. | Could all of this be fixed? It sure could. Did they ever offer to come back and fix it correctly? Hell,No!!! Can I even get hold of them on the phone. No, not that either. Are they Rip Off Artists. H*** Yes!!! |

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