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Published: 02 February 2020

Posted by: regretfulstudent

CDI College”s advisors and recruitment team is extremely persuasive and deceiving, me among hundreds of others without a doubt are told we would come out successful. They show you these BS plaques on their walls of high employment rates but fail to mention the rates are so high because of the amount of drop outs so in reality a 90% graduation hire rate is because 15/20 students dropped out or got kicked out/lost funding and 5 graduated with 4 actually finding work in their field. Ask anyone that has attended CDI College and they would agree. I have very little good things to say about this college, the staff is changed on a monthly basis with “teachers” (usually former graduates) constantly quitting and others be re-hired. I was a student and a graduate of the PLA program, all my instructors were extremely unprofessional; constantly bringing their personal lives to work; except for 1 remarkable former attorney named Tom Toews who was my biggest motivator there. Upon graduation and an embarrassing display of effort from the school it took months to find me a practicum after graduating. After completing it, the career department STILL has failed to get back to me in finding me entry-level work (keep in mind it has been over a year since graduation). I have yet to receive an email of updates or any sort of response after visiting and sending dozens of emails requesting assistance to find work WHICH the college GUARANTEES after GRADUATION. Instructors are constantly slacking, on their phones or playing games on their laptops, there was little to no guidance on work being handed out, no 1 on 1 guidance even though classes are often as small as 10 students. Believe it or not, I had an instructor babble on for over 40 minutes about a party he was at over the weekend whilst explaining his life story and twitter popularity (Todd, quit forever, please, for the sake of students trying to learn) I pray that it is only this location that is extremely incompetent but i highly doubt it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COLLEGE TO ANYONE and I wouldn”t wish this even upon my worst enemy.

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