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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am CDL truking school student,I failed DPS test four times than one of school instructor said she have a owne truck work for student drive test pass i can take automatic car | can have easy to pass,she give me the guy number and contact went his place next morning,seems theres something not right to teach student and the truck was too old and looks not fine and junk car, | aanyway he want me to drive little around where service road,went gas station,and comming back to his place it take time not even 10minutes drov,there 55mile limit,he keep saying i need spped up 50mile is better take on test,when i almost get high speed to 50mile and check rpm he sydduenly yelling me turn turn 5times bigger voice to me.i trunning to where his place to enter there gate door is closed,and i don’t have a any chance to way i need stopping and did it jack knife and have a little damage part of door in truck any way very junk seems the car had many accident before and i rememnber than. | few month ago me and one truck grop was road test 6people in the car i was on camera taking my husband where started 53ft big trailler truck was amaizing,and the road have one small withe color trailler truck just have a jack’s on camera but few weeks after i was removed it.but i can get back from data my phone company timobile. | why i know it this car was seen in the dps??for test some other student?? | but i catch why this happend not even 10minutes he made me jack knife he said 50%my mistake want me help some money for fix his car,and when i came home i serch googled his place are county salvage business and sale use car part and fix classic car. | and he told me when that happend,(god ~it just happend some one student did it this and just fixed car and back here why do that??i said why you do that to me?i do not want jack knife and spouse to you not yelling new student at practice to turn quickly??) | and he start asking money i said mabey just pay some moeny?i was telling him max i can pay 4~500 thats all i can do,and give me bank account number than he avoid tell bank account he keep saying we can not send money to somebody bank,i from s,korea over 16 years ago,i am not perfect speaking english than him but i know we can have a bank to bank and other people in account anytime we can deposit. | I think he and the instructor where Desoto,tx continental truck school she working she connect with this guy and they help each other this project,may first time accdently he got money from student because student usally apply job to truck company than worry about any bad history record from insurance or crime of car accident,and easy come out money from student. | and our group wan wetness watched other driver was jack knife same car and sam spot, | it make sence?my brother said if you have toxicate smell just close your eyes pass as possible leave from the toxion. | I am the way almost,asking his bank account for send money but he trying to give me western union or quick pay by email address. | if he later no have a recipt i might have a another problem.and this is not right some one making money from futuer cdl driver.and he is also CDL proffetional Driver’ | Hope he stop scam to new driver and i am really dispoint many mean in my heart now. | thank you and wish world is not winner to scammer or terrolist people.

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